7 benefits of psychedelic integration coaching Austin

Why should you care about putting time, energy, and money into a psychedelic integration coaching relationship? Can’t you just do it all on your own? Do you even want to? In this week’s episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we’re sharing 7 benefits of psychedelic integration coaching. Dig in with us to learn how aligning your medicine path with a coach can make the crucial difference between feeling supported to make the transformations you want manifest, and taking medicine again and again with no tangible changes or movement in your life. 

Coaching is like a psychedelic apprenticeship. There’s a lot to learn, and it’s not easy to figure it out all on your own. A coach has cultivated an intimate relationship with the medicine path. They have gained knowledge and expertise, and know how to share their wisdom with you so that you are guided to connect to the deep wisdom you have inside yourself.

In this episode, John and Sinclair share about:

  • What is coaching? A relationship with an instructor, guide and expert who has been on the path and has the knowledge and expertise to help you on your journey
  • Why coaching? Is it legit? Shifting from skepticism to embrace the coaching model for psychedelics
  • Why coaching vs. therapy?
  • Therapy is typically focused on diagnosis and healing a psychological condition
  • Coaching helps empower you to unlock the answers that you already have within you
  • Coaching and therapy are friends, but they are different – coaching is a collaborative, non-diagnostic healing partnership
  • Plant medicine gets you in touch with your Spirit, psychedelic coaching helps you make the connection last
  • What are the 7 Benefits of Working with a Psychedelic Integration Coach?
    • 1. Expertise, experience, and knowledge – having someone as your teacher and guide who is walking the walk in their own life, you want an expert who has been in and out, back and forth, and knows this path
    • 2. Commitment – Here you get motivation, inspiration, support, and accountability – putting your time, energy, and money into a coaching container greatly increases your odds of transformation. Walking with someone who has done this work themselves assures you and insures you that what you want is possible and you can trust the process.   
    • 3. Community – plugging into a medicine community, connecting with a spiritual family. Watching someone be strong when they are going through it, seeing their power when they are facing their shadow creates an energy vortex that lifts everyone up. Find your tribe!
    • 4. Support and a path to follow – this is the HOW…Learning how to use your internal compass and guidance system. You already have everything you need, we help you discover it and practice using it. 
    • 5. Trust yourself and your intuition – Asking for and receiving help. This is clarity. This is discernment. Getting in receiving mode. Working on yourself is the best investment you can make for any dream or goal. 
    • 6. Make your entire life a ceremony. We invite you to expand the connection and feeling you have with Source to permeate and fill your life in every way. 
    • 7. It’s FUN! Doing this work requires a sense of humor. The mess is the process. Not hiding and having fun with it is such a relief! Joy and rainbows make it all easier and worth it. Joy, peace, and fun are your natural state. 

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