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Welcome to All About Grandfather San Pedro, our love letter episode for the heart-opening medicine of the Andes mountains. Also known as huachuma and aguacolla, this healing mescaline containing cactus is not only fast growing and sustainable, it just might radically change your life. We don’t get too into the chemistry or technical details here, this episode is meant to serve as a primer for anyone who is interested in working with this medicine in a retreat or ceremonial setting. To give you some tips and guidance on what to expect, how to handle the ride, and how to get the most out of your experience.

As usual on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we’re sharing our personal experience and understandings that have come from years of building a healing partnership with this master plant spirit. We really love San Pedro, and this episode is dedicated to sharing some of the magic and healing that this cactus has brought to our lives. 


In this episode, Sinclair and John dive into:

  • San Pedro, the best kept secret in the world of psychoactive healing plants
  • The basics: where it grows, sustainability, mescaline, alkaloids, and why the plant is preferable to a synthetic version
  • A brief history of ancient use, legends, and cultural heritage
  • Ayahuasca is medicine for the soul, San Pedro is medicine for the heart – they both take you to the same place via different routes
  • The Grandfather Spirit
  • Ayahuasca and San Pedro, The Healing Dream Team
  • Why we love healing and growing with San Pedro
  • Seeing everything through your heart, moving your consciousness to your highest self
  • The San Pedro experience allowing you to lead with your heart without influence from the lens of the mind
  • Making and breaking agreements – Ancestral Plants of Power
  • Using plant medicine to refine our own agreements with the world and within ourselves
  • Changing your beliefs, and aligning yourself with your heart and your power
  • San Pedro reminds you what you already know in your heart, you are divine light, and here for a purpose
  • It teaches you how to be grateful for the hard things in your life, to be in compassion
  • Things you need to know about sitting with San Pedro, what happens during the experience
  • The wide spectrum of the felt experience, going on an adventure with your grandfather
  • Uncovering repressed rage, fear, anger, grief, sadness, shame, and other emotions that need to be felt
  • This medicine opens your heart, and it there is hurt in your heart, that is what will come up first
  • The uncomfortable and difficult feelings are already there, the medicine is just revealing what is there so that you can face it and feel it
  • Feeling dark, painful experiences come out is normal, having a hard time is normal
  • San Pedro is teaching us how to cope with our emotions by transmuting our painful feelings and moving into love, joy, and elation – our natural state
  • Biological and physical healing stories with San Pedro
  • The differences between ayahuasca and San Pedro
  • When someone does the healing for you, they are snatching some of your power
  • Advice on how to handle the experience, accepting the invitation and preparing to be willing
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