breaking up with diet culture and finding home in your body plant medicine psychedelic integration
Diet culture and struggling with food and your body is that toxic, abusive relationship that should have ended years ago, but just keeps hanging on and making you feel like crap. Diet culture is a form of violence towards women, and anyone who feels hijacked by limiting programming that tells you only thin, young, small bodies are valuable and worthy. In this episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast I am sharing about breaking up with diet culture and finding home within yourself through psychedelic integration. We’ll dive into body image, binge eating, the cycle of restriction and control, and where it all comes from – so you can reclaim your power and heal your relationship with food once and for all.

In this episode, Sinclair shares about:

  • Having a less than healthy relationship with food, your weight, your body, how you look, and everything that goes with that
  • Defining diet culture, the societal pressure around valuing small, thin, young, white bodies over all other expressions of the body
  • The program of being fuckable and desired as the most important thing you can be
  • Diet culture is a form of violence against women
  • The struggle of restricting, anorexia, binge eating, purging, orthorexia, over exercising
  • The shame, guilt, and extreme physical and emotional and mental discomfort of this cycle
  • Working with plant medicine to dismantle the program and find home in your body
  • Her story from childhood sneaking food, hiding and soothing with food
  • Food as a friend, a comfortable support that was always there, helping her feel full and safe that wasn’t accessible through other means
  • The deep excavation process of healing your relationship with food and your body with psychedelics
  • How we get programmed with diet culture through social media
  • Repetitive patterns stuck in the unconscious mind that drive negative coping habits 
  • Some unmet need or incomplete development process in our youth created a wound or trauma, and the coping mechanism was created to fill that need
  • Receiving the choice to decide to expand your definition of beauty
  • Exploring your ancestral trauma with plant medicine, connecting with your grandparents 
  • The fear of not being enough, not having enough, deprivation
  • Overgiving, loving through self-sacrifice, inability to receive, people pleasing, perfectionism
  • Not feeling safe and not having the ability to self-regulate and nourish yourself
  • Having the ability to choose to make the unconscious conscious
  • You choose how you die by how you live, you choose your transition
  • All negative coping patterns begin when you don’t feel safe
  • The nervous system doesn’t know the difference between literally not being safe and being triggered
  • Food physically fills your core to make you feel like you have enough
  • Being triggered by the food and eating schedule of medicine retreats
  • Diet culture logic of control and restriction
  • Nourishing yourself before medicine ceremonies in the way that you need
  • Triggers as magical gifts that show you where you need to put your attention so you can find a better way
  • What you resist persists
  • Recognizing your patterns and changing your belief system around your body
  • Giving yourself unconditional permission to eat, rest, and exist in your body
  • Where can you give yourself love and radically accept yourself where you are now
  • Learning how to ground yourself, to rest ,receive, and reconnect
  • Healing as another way to shame yourself through a spiritual lens
  • The flex and drama of saving yourself from crisis
  • Her meditation practice of self-inquiry
  • Allowing yourself to be in a process, removing the focus from food and judging your body
  • Choosing to let go of the wheel is a process of trusting
  • Creating difficult situations because you get off on the drama of saving yourself at the last minute
  • Put your attention on things that feel good
  • Getting support so you can make real changes

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