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Welcome to Season 3 of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast! Today Sinclair is sharing an interview with Christina Conrad, Somatic Psychotherapist and Director of Palo Santo Therapy & Wellness in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Christina has been passionate about bringing leading edge trauma healing work to her community since she returned home to Oklahoma in 2011. Her own healing journey took her down the path of psychedelic medicine, and she has spent many years studying these medicines personally and professionally as a trauma healing modality. 

Christina is trained in Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, iRest Yoga Nidra, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy through MAPS. 

In this episode, Sinclair and Christina discuss:

  • Going into the healing field because you are seeking your own healing
  • Feeling ready to face fear and anger with ayahuasca
  • Finding home with medicines and experiencing many ceremonies and sessions
  • Bringing this personal experience and understanding into her somatic therapy practice
  • Joining the MAPS MDMA training program
  • Making peace with ketamine and finding a path to offer this therapy in a nourishing way
  • Teaching ceremony and intention with cannabis 
  • Doing leading edge therapeutic medicine work in Oklahoma
  • Somatic experiencing and therapy, and how it works with trauma physiology, our holding patterns inside our body
  • The innate ability of the body to heal, honoring the body
  • Somatic experiencing and how the body holds trauma, understanding the nervous system
  • Altered state work with psychedelics and speaking to the unconscious
  • Integration, repair, and impulse – how the body speaks to us
  • How to approach working with psychedelics in the body
  • Knowing your system and what resources it
  • What transformation looks like with medicine work
  • Rooting the changes in through psychedelic integration
  • Why shifting perspective is a massive uplevel
  • Slowing down, spending more time integrating, especially as a practitioner
  • Asking for help, asking yourself for help
  • “I cannot wait for somebody else to give me permission to take care of myself.”
  • Learning how to listen to yourself and using different healing modalities to bring forth your wisdom
  • Nurturing yourself through your senses
  • The neuro-effective circuit system of play, and how healing it is to experience joy and ease
  • Lighting up your inner child
  • What it’s like to work with her and the team at Palo Santo Therapy & Wellness
  • Learning how to ask for help and letting yourself receive it
  • Having a safe place to openly talk about psychedelic experiences
  • Being called to medicine work, learning about psychedelics
  • Finding play in service

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