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“I have a harsh inner critic.” This is one of the most common challenges we hear from clients coming to work with us in our plant medicine integration programs. A savage inner critic is not just painful to live with, being super hard on yourself can manifest in the body as illness. So many of our most prevalent and mysterious health problems have roots in the mind-body connection. Many people suffering from chronic pain, stress illnesses, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and more, all have something in common… a brutal self-critical voice, perfectionistic thoughts and needing to be seen as a good person. It’s no wonder putting all this pressure on yourself to be perfect is taking a toll. In this episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, you’ll learn about confronting your inner critic with psychedelics so that you can transform this negative habit energy into a powerful ally for change.



Join John and Sinclair as they share about: 

  • What is criticism? How does it manifest outwardly and inwardly?
  • The inner critic is the critical mind, your inner bully that is hard on you, puts pressure on you, and makes you feel like crap
  • Shame! The second arrow of criticism!
  • Criticism is programming, it’s all gathered behaviors and habits that we all have
  • The way criticism and agreements get passed down through generations
  • Original sin and being born broken, programming from institutions, governments, society at large
  • The American dream is a program that creates self-critical people who are easy to sell things to
  • None of this is your fault, we all have this, we are all hard on ourselves at some times
  • Sexual shame and connecting that to the criticism program, internalizing the shame
  • They don’t have to keep telling you that you’re terrible, you become the police on yourself
  • Becoming aware that the thoughts and voices are not YOU
  • The power of psychedelic medicines to give you the felt experience of the separation between your SOUL and your thoughts or ego
  • Sinking into the core of yourself with plant medicines allows you to see things as they truly are, from an objective place of being a witness and observer
  • The gift of psychedelics is the ability to step outside the symptom, step outside of identifying with the criticism
  • Medicines give you awareness, this is such a HUGE DEAL
  • Criticism is an opportunity, it’s a messenger. It’s a tool you can use to change how you’re behaving, to change how you’re talking to yourself, you can flip it to something helpful and useful
  • The journey with the plants is about raising our consciousness, bringing more conscious choice into everything we do
  • Changing your actions leads to a better life, you start healing your emotions, healing trauma, clearing out backlogs
  • Loving the criticism, be loving and present with it, be kind to it
  • Medicine helps you create a new story
  • Instead of blaming and criticizing everyone else, we all need to look and turn that pointing finger toward yourself
  • We all have the power to take responsibility for our own actions and how we are in the world
  • You can’t really solve the problem without being fully immersed in the problem, you have to get all the way in it
  • Having support through this process is crucial to make real changes that last
  • Getting to the bottom is the weakest moment and that’s where you gather your power 
  • Action, support, and community are the three pillars of making changes in your life
  • Why long term integration support is so important to helping you after a ceremony or retreat
  • Integration work is the path back to yourself, remembering yourself
  • It’s taking away and aligning with you you really are, connecting to love

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