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I often share about the logistics and behind the scenes experience of working as a self-employed psychedelic life coach in the medicine space. This episode is dedicated to letting you in on how I am shifting my business toward creating equity and accessibility. I have avoided this area for a long time because I wasn’t sure how to do it. I was afraid of doing it wrong, of still excluding people, and of being judged for anything I attempted in this realm. What I have realized is that healing cannot exist without attention to equity and accessibility. If it’s not open to everyone, it’s not really the service I want to offer deep in my heart. At least that’s how I feel about my work. 

I want to live at the intersection of financial abundance and safety for myself and my family, AND serving at a level that feels within reach for more than just the upper middle class. I know this isn’t perfect, and I am grateful to be taking my first steps to find resonance. Fairness. And to open the way for more people to access my work in a way that supports you. 


In this episode, Sinclair discusses:

  • Honoring your nope
  • We are taught to completely ignore when we are depleted, plowing through anyway
  • Resting is not allowed, honoring your resistance is not allowed
  • Recognizing the sacred NO, and learning how it is a teaching tool
  • The difficulty of learning through dissonance
  • Outsourcing your own intuition to someone more “qualified” or popular
  • Calibrating to your own intuition over everything and everyone else
  • Transparency on this show and in my work
  • Coaching is a weird industry and a lot of it is super icky
  • How sales and marketing are service
  • The old, tired, patriarchal bullshit of pricing models for coaching services
  • Leaning into my nope and recognizing how toxic this mindset is to the spirit of my business
  • Accessibility can start right now, where I am
  • There is no separation between medicine work and equity
  • Why you should know how I feel about this stuff if you’re going to listen to me
  • What’s shifting in my work – New 3 month commitment, single deep dive sessions, digital courses
  • Cutting my time commitment in half and reducing my rates by 20%
  • Implementing a sliding scale, and saving 1/4 of my client spots are for those in the most financial need
  • Leaning into the trust that people will be honest about their financial situations and supportive of this work
  • Offering my digital courses, Sacred Psychedelics Preparation Intensive, and Rise and Align Integration Immersion as self-study options for those who are not able to access private coaching
  • Giving this gift to myself, to the spirit of my business, and to YOU so that you can find your way home
  • My most important job for me as a coach is to care for my vessel so that I can be a channel for Spirit
  • Why I am open and transparent and why authenticity matters to me
  • Allowing the stuckness, and softening into accepting, compassion, gratitude, and love
  • Why should you care about any of this? Why would you want to do this work?
  • Supporting people in their tortoise era
  • Slowing down, recalibrating to doing less
  • Less perfectionism, less people pleasing, less blaming, less struggle, more beauty
  • A coach is accompanying you on your journey home to yourself
  • Grounding yourself into a deep relationship with Spirit, deprogramming yourself, unlearning
  • Thank you for being here and for making accessibility and equity a priority

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