My digital courses are holistic, spiritual, online self-study programs that show you exactly how to build a conscious relationship with psychedelics from the start, so you can focus on answering the call to work with plant medicine without wasting more time and energy trying to figure out how to do it all on your own.

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Learn everything need to know to get clarity before you begin your transformation journey, including how to choose the psychedelic medicine and experience that's right for YOU, even if you have never worked with entheogens or plant medicines, or are unsure about your purpose or intention for healing.

You'll have lifetime access to a treasure trove of tools that you can use as your guide to self-coaching your way home to yourself.

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What you’ll learn…

sacred psychedelic preparation intensive digital course sinclair fleetwood



Earth connected spiritual curriculum designed to cover EVERYTHING you need to know so that you can take the big leap to make a real change in your life by working with plant medicines and psychedelics, including…

  • Holistic Preparation and Safety
  • Choosing the medicine and experience that’s right for you so you get the results you want
  • Self-Discovery, Intention, and Cultivating Willingness
  • Navigation and The Psychedelic Experience
  • Creating ceremony inside a sacred container
  • Exercises, journaling, meditation, and other unique practices and strategies to help you feel fully prepared and get the experience you really want
  • Acute integration and grounding strategies you can use immediately after your journey

A complete, step-by-step preparation and navigation plan expertly guiding you through each and every phase of your psychedelic healing journey, no matter where you are now

 Complete a Psychedelic Readiness Assessment so that you know without a doubt that you are completely prepared – so that you never jump into another psychedelic journey without a parachute again

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Continue exploring the path home to yourself by embarking on a journey through the elements, reconnecting you to your innate power, presence, and intuition

  • Why integration is the most important part of your medicine work
  • Envisioning your future and planting the seeds
  • Earth: Grounding, Receiving, and Examining (Physical Body)
  • Water: Experiencing, Processing, and Feeling (Emotional Body)
  • Air: Analyzing, Observing, and Reflecting (Mental Body)
  • Fire: Alignment, Empowerment, and Releasing (Spirit Body)
  • Calling in and realizing your vision and bringing it to life
  • The transformative power of self-care
  • Being high maintenance
  • How to be the medicine
  • The ultimate gifts of reciprocity and service
  • Exercises, journaling, meditation, and other unique practices and strategies to help you feel supported and challenged as you level up
  • Tools and learning that you can use forever in integrating your medicine work
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Heal. Awaken. Transform. Evolve.

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