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Finding clarity as you prepare to heal with psychedelics can feel overwhelming, especially if you feel like your life is very out of balance or things feel out of control. People who come to me for coaching often feel they have “too many problems” to heal with psychedelics, or they feel like there are so many contributing factors to their depression, addiction, or unhappiness, they don’t know where to start. 

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In a World Out of Balance, We All Experience Suffering

First of all, it’s pretty easy to feel like a wreck these days, even if things are going mostly okay in your life. The civilization we’ve created is built on staggering injustice and inequity, so most of us feel like we are always behind, trying to catch up, to be “better” somehow, and to not feel like we are disappointing ourselves or the people who love and depend on us. Many of us have found ourselves in spiritually and emotionally disappointing lives, and we wonder, “Is this ALL there is?!?!”

Maybe you feel like a lousy parent, like you’re not showing up fully for your work, or that you could do better in the friend/sibling/partner/citizen department. Maybe you don’t call your mom enough or feel badly about something that has happened between you and someone you care about. Maybe you’re doing whatever you can to get by and things like addiction have creeped into your life. 

Maybe your health is suffering, maybe your mental health is suffering, or both. Maybe it’s serious and you are scared. Maybe you are afraid to face your own mortality, or you are close to losing or have lost someone you love dearly. 

No matter where you land on the spectrum of human suffering, there’s a good chance psychedelics can help. We all have things we need to heal in this life, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, no matter what you’re dealing with. What you have to carry is yours, and it’s your responsibility as an aware being to heal it, even if that process is difficult. The only thing we truly have in this life is the choice of how we deal with what happens to us, and how we live during our time here. Choosing to face your problems and take action to heal them is a powerful message to the Universe that you are ready for something different in your life. Psychedelic medicines can absolutely facilitate this healing shift. 


So, How Do I Know What to Focus On in My Healing?

Perhaps you know there’s one thing you want to work on, and that’s great. If your intuition is giving you that message, go with it. For others, it may not be as clear cut. Luckily, there is a simple way to go from feeling lost and unsure to grounded, confident, and prepared to meet the medicines with certainty. 

Many of us come to psychedelics with a laundry list of problems and ailments, of ways we want to be, do, and feel better. We have a kind of suffering we want to move away from, and a calling we want to move toward. The magic of psychedelics is that they go deeper. These medicines can cut through the surface level problems and coping mechanisms we’ve developed and show you the root of your issues, deep within your subconscious. They can take us to the trauma and allow us to acknowledge, feel, and release our pain. 

So while it is important to identify areas of most importance and concern in our lives, be prepared to go deeper, to gain new perspectives, and to find surprises within yourself that may give you a new awareness of how and why you’ve coped the way you have in the past. Lack of self-love, self-acceptance, and feeling worthy or enough is so often at the root of things like addiction, depression, anxiety, and emotional pain. 

Not loving ourselves as divine, perfect beings UNLESS we are thinner, younger, wealthier, smarter, more something else is a sickness that our current society infects us all with. Cultivating a loving, accepting relationship with yourself is a key outcome of healing with psychedelics, even when people come to the medicines for seemingly unrelated reasons.  

There may be a deeper meaning in store for you, such as feeling more gratitude, finding a new relationship with yourself, releasing old ways of living, and making other shifts in your life that may require a lot of work on your part, and psychedelics can be the catalyst for moving forward. 


Creating Intentional Healing

Creating an intention for each ceremony or journey can help you bring your attention and purpose to the medicine in a clear way. Holding your intention in your awareness, saying it to yourself as you ingest the medicine, and developing a touchstone with your intention throughout the journey can be a powerful reminder of your purpose and the direction you want to go. Mindless, unintentional journeying with psychedelics can provide amusement and accidental breakthroughs, but harnessing the power of your thoughts, connecting with your heart, and moving forward into an experience with preparation and knowledge will supercharge your ability to get right to the point and create astounding results.


Work with a Professional, Find a Community

The best way to get clear on what you want to heal with psychedelics is through preparation, education, and working with a professional to help guide you throughout the process. Finding others may seem difficult at times, but putting yourself out there in wellness and spirituality spaces in your local community is a great place to start, as many people who work with psychedelics are typically interested in taking care of their health and connecting with others in that way. If that doesn’t resonate, spend time doing things you love, volunteer, and make your daily life a place that feels good. It’s hard for the right people to find us if we don’t put ourselves out there. It’s scary, but it’s like being a little kind on the playground – someone has to take the first step, let that someone be you. 

As an experienced Psychedelic Integration Coach who has healed my own trauma and addiction, I love leading others into their own light, supported by a step-by-step framework to help you every step of the way, as well as the loving support of a safe, non-judgemental community.  I am waiting for you!

Take Action

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