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Daddy issues anyone? This week on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast I’m peeling back the layers of the heart scars that stick with us from moments of feeling abandoned, neglected, or flat-out rejected. From the emotional gut punches to the mind games, we’ll dive into why this core wound creates such a long lasting echo, often becoming one of the most defining aspects of our entire lives. I share some examples from my own abandonment drama with my brilliant and troubled father, showing how those early episodes shape our beliefs and behaviors well into adulthood.

Learn how these abandonment wounds sneak their way into every part of our behavior and personality, turning some of us into people-pleasing perfectionists on a quest for that elusive gold star of external validation. Oh, and did I mention the joyride of unworthiness and never feeling quite good enough? Yeah, we’re shining a light on that too, seeing how it seeps into our relationships and attachment styles, keeping that abandonment hamster wheel spinning.

This fear of abandonment can lead you straight into the lion’s den of toxic relationships, making you side-eye anyone who wants to get close, and running for the next shiny new person when things start to feel tough. From being ghosted to the constant dissatisfaction and isolation created by social media, I’m calling out all the shady moves that keep you feeling left out in the cold.

But not to fear, there’s hope in the form of the healing salve of radical self-acceptance. Taking a hard look in the mirror, and doling out forgiveness like Halloween candy. By the end of this show, you’ll be ready to tackle your abandonment demons head-on, transforming not just your own life but also spreading that love and healing to everyone around you. 

What you’ll learn about from this episode:

  • Abandonment wounds refer to emotional trauma resulting from experiences of being abandoned, neglected, or rejected
  • Why you feel abandoned, and how it manifests physically, emotionally, and psychologically
  • Examples of abandonment trauma from my own childhood relationship with my father
  • When abandonment turns into people pleasing, perfectionism, need for external validation, and achievement based value
  • Unworthiness and not feeling good enough
  • How abandonment shows up in relationships and informs attachment styles, recreating the wound
  • Distrusting the masculine and exploring the pattern of abandonment through toxic relationships
  • Exploring the fear of being left alone, rejected, ghosted, and ignored
  • The trap of self-abandonment and taking things personally
  • How social media and throwaway culture contributes to abandonment and objectification
  • Graciously receiving the no, the silence, because rejection is protection
  • Healing the abandonment wound through radical self-acceptance, taking an honest self-inventory, forgiving yourself, softening, being sweet to yourself  
  • Embodying the healing that you want for yourself and sharing that in relationship, business, and in community  

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