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Today, I offer you some hope for dark times.

Because when you look around, it may feel heavy and hard. You may hold the weight of the world on your shoulders. You may weep for the loss and suffering of those inside a war zone. You may feel like it’s all pointless and you’re watching the world burn and drinking eggnog.

But there is hope. And the hope is inside each of us.

What is your dream?

In order for a new way to be born, the old way has to collapse. This dumpster fire we find ourselves is isn’t new. This foundation has been crumbling and propped up and duct taped together for decades.

We are the ones being called forward to create a new way. We are the ones holding the light. We are the ones carrying the water. We are the ones praying around the fire with the family. We are the ones sharing medicine. We are the ones who know that the answer isn’t out there, it’s in our hearts.

Your dream is possible too. So whatever you need to be out in the world on the path to making your dream real, DO IT.

If you feel lost, confused, or hopeless and fear is shaking you to the core, this episode is for you.

What you’ll learn about from this episode:

  • How over-engaging with news and trauma so that you can “be informed” is actually causing harm
  • Tangible actions you can take to support a ceasefire in Gaza (see resources below for links)
  • Why opposing war is a humanitarian action, not a political one
  • Taking a big picture spiritual look at why things are so hard
  • Give yourself permission not to engage
  • Outward orientation vs. inward orientation toward self and Source
  • Going beyond the medicine into the spiritual path
  • Why sustainability is not the answer, finding your peace and purpose is
  • Asking what you can do right here and now in your own life
  • The time to do it is now, so get the support you need to do your work

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