This week on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we’re having a conversation about how intention unlocks the power of psychedelics and levels up our mystical and healing experiences. ⁣So many of us find our way to entheogens through recreational use, and often having fun is the gateway to discovering the magical powers of these master plant medicine teachers. ⁣
When we understand we have the power (through intention) to build a relationship with the spirits of the medicines, rather than just treating the experience as a thing that happens to us outside of our control, well, it’s kind of a game changer.
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What is Intentional Psychedelic Use?
Intention is simply awareness directed toward a purpose. It’s aiming our arrow toward the target. Intention is the difference between walking through life asleep, just going through the motions, and steering your ship, paying attention, and taking action toward your own evolution.

In episode 003 of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we define and discuss intention, talk about why recreational use unfairly gets a bad rap, and share our personal experiences of transitioning from less mindful recreational use to ceremonial use, and what we’ve learned along the way. ⁣We’ll also talk about how to find your intention, shift your mindset, and get the most out of your growing understanding of how psychedelics can heal and help you in your daily life. ⁣

Intention is our secret superpower as humans, enabling us to shift from feeling like victims or bystanders to empowered creators of our own lives. The power of psychedelics can be fully realized and received when intentional use comes into play. When we take the time to set intentions, to prepare ourselves fully, and to develop the skills and tools necessary to feel like a spiritual warrior, the benefits and healing from psychedelics become exponential.  


The Psychedelic Intention of Joy and Fun

As we mentioned, many people (including us) find their way to psychedelics through recreational use. However, it’s important to take care around these experiences to ensure safety, harm reduction, and to make sure we aren’t opening ourselves to danger or harm through a lack of attention and intention. It’s easy to be mindless and reckless when we don’t have proper respect for medicines, and these are sacred tools that have so much to teach us, even when used for enjoyment and connection.

It’s also ok and good to have fun and enjoy yourself, even when you’re healing!⁣ 

So much of the rhetoric around psychedelic healing is heavy, full of work and caution, but we believe that joy and connection are just as powerful as releasing pain and digging out traumatic wounds. Joy is vital to the healing process. It’s absolutely okay to create a fun-filled, healing relationship with psychedelics, especially when we do it with intention and purpose.

Shifting our mindset and adding intention into the mix, even if that intention is to enjoy yourself, connect with others, and have fun, helps create a conversation and relationship with the medicines, allowing an opening to expanding our consciousness and awareness, and leading to personal growth and healing. ⁣

How has intentional psychedelic use changed your life? Have you transitioned from recreational to intentional or healing use? What do you think about bringing intention into your personal psychedelic practices? Let us know in the comments!

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