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On this week’s new episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we’re getting into one of our favorite topics: How to Be The Medicine (and Infiltrate The Matrix). So many of our integration coaching clients spend loads of money and time investing in a plant medicine retreat, finding deep, transformational healing with psychedelics, but have no real plan for what happens next.

How to integrate and how to exist in the world with this new awareness after finding a real connection to yourself through your psychedelic experience can feel isolating, lonely, and overwhelming. So what comes after the ceremony ends and the pink cloud fades? How do you take the lessons you learned in your journey into your real life in a practical and sustainable way? 

This is part of what we teach in Psychedelic Integration Academy, and today we’re going to shed some light on how you can Be The Medicine and Infiltrate The Matrix. 

In this episode, John and Sinclair share about…

  • How we get caught up in the “Us vs. Them” spiritual tribe mentality, and why it can be dangerous
  • Creating stories and onboarding limiting beliefs and creates excuses for not connecting to others
  • Being the medicine in your life and what this means
  • Taking personal responsibility for bringing the lessons and awareness into your daily life
  • The universal human understanding of vulnerability, compassion, and personal connection
  • How onboarding the new awareness and understandings from sacred plant medicines can be painful and overwhelming
  • The forest fire method of changing your life vs. getting support and making a plan for transformation and integration
  • Why a lot of people feel lost, isolated, or even give up after having a spiritual awakening
  • How sharing your gifts makes them grow and thrive inside you 
  • Talking to your family and friends about your new awareness through stories and lessons, rather than the specific psychedelic experience
  • The privilege, responsibility, and the opportunity of working with plant medicines
  • Integration is the process of becoming whole and embodying your wholeness in your life
  • Recognizing that you have to change is hard and can cause panic and fear
  • How to infiltrate The System with Your Light – we break the system from the inside, and going inside ourselves, and doing our very best, no matter the circumstances
  • Seeing your spiritual teachers in every person you meet
  • Living and acting from your heart and being the medicine that the world needs
  • Being authentically yourself calls in your people and connects you into the community you want, and it’s your responsibility to stay awake and spread your light

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