You might be thinking, “Do you really need instruction on how to be your authentic self?” Well, that depends on where you are with your growth and expansion. How willing are you to deconstruct what it means to be YOU? How willing are you to open to the possibility that YOU is ever evolving, ever changing, and that you come from a spiritual place of origin. You are the light. Today on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast I am sharing six simple steps to call in more authenticity, connect to your highest self, and be the most YOU that ever lived. 


In this episode, Sinclair shares about:

  • Recognizing that the “YOU” that you associate as being is a collection of agreements, experiences, stories, and memories. There really is no static you. You are always evolving and growing. 
  • At least some of your personality is a collection of trauma responses, habits, and learned behaviors that run on auto-pilot
  • How we get indoctrinated to behave and perform for love as children
  • How we get contained (being told we are too loud, talk too much, don’t pay attention right, need to control ourselves, be quiet, be good, please adults with our docility and agreeableness)
  • Seeking external validation, wanting approval and love from outside yourself 
  • Connecting to the real YOU – the highest self, the inner being, the divine light bearer… this is your essence. And your essence is love. Light. This is Universal. 
  • Receiving the answers that you are capable of holding in this moment
  • Finding your soul mission as a spiritual quest
  • Choosing to incarnate, being hip to where your spirit wants to be and evolve as part of ALL THAT IS
  • Becoming a witness to your patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Being a goddess walking, celebrating spiritual opulence
  • Receiving the transmission of YOU, pure love, pure power, pure presence
  • Taking medicine means you are asking for MORE – power, responsibility, healing
  • The privilege of sitting with psychedelics, learning from these ancient teachers
  • Removing the obstacles that prevent you from being yourself
  • You don’t need to be different. You already have everything that you need. You only need to let everything fall away that doesn’t resonate with who you are. 
  • Taking in the weight of the world, seeing humans as bad or wrong, being angry at society
  • Radical acceptance of where we are and taking responsibility for our own participation in this system
  • Making better choices about how you are participating in the system
  • Holding the weight of the world on your shoulders is an obstacle
  • Letting go of the not good enough wound
  • Worrying and anxiety are obstacles that steal your energy
  • Healing your ancestors in the past and future
  • Starting form a clean slate, quitting what doesn’t resonate
  • Cultivating your wild, childlike capacity for wonder
  • The wonder of spring in Asheville, North Carolina, seeing nature come alive
  • Be curious, have fun, finding out what you love to do, trying new things
  • Stop giving a fuck about what people think
  • Turning people off is the jam
  • You are a special kind of vibe  
  • Put your attention and resources toward what you want, how you want to fee, what you want to experience
  • Erase should from your vocabulary
  • Plugging up energy and time and money leaks
  • Trust yourself to be yourself – one moment at a time
  • Reconnecting to your soft, animal nature 
  • Take off the mask, really be yourself and see what happens
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