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What does it mean to have “good vibes?” Why do some people seem to exude a positive, effortless good energy? Yet others (maybe even you?) feel like there’s a dark cloud following them around that they can’t get away from? Can you catch bad vibes? Is there a secret on how to create a good vibration in yourself? How do you “seal in” the good vibes after working with plant medicine? Today on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we are coming to you from the beautiful beach of Ayampe, Ecuador, fresh off many weeks of sitting in ceremony with our medicine family, soaking in good vibes. Is there a secret on how to create a good vibration? (And keep it?)

In this episode we uncover the mystery of what to do in your own life to find your unique high vibration. We share about how plant medicines invite attunement to the high vibration that we ALL have inside us, and how to feed that fire. And as always, we talk about what gets in the way, misconceptions about how having a naturally good vibration works, spiritual bypassing, choosing to evolve beyond trauma, and more. 

In this episode, Sinclair and John discuss:

  • How do you create a good vibration in your everyday life?
  • What is a vibration? Everything is energy, everything is alive and moving
  • Thoughts, emotions, and beliefs have a vibration – higher vibrations are moving faster and carrying more energy, lower vibrations are slower and more heavy
  • Your vibration is the sum total of how you take care of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies
  • Every person has their own unique vibe and energy signature, how it manifests depends on where you put your attention, intention, and action
  • Agreements and programming we all take on when we are born and as we grow up
  • In the US, this looks like go to school, go to college, find the ONE, get married, buy a house, buy things, get in huge amounts of debt, work for 40 years, maybe retire, etc. 
  • You normally don’t question the programming, you don’t often get to choose, you don’t even know that you can choose something else, to believe something else
  • The narrative of trauma, feeling victimized, hurt, and disempowered – choosing the trauma agreement
  • Plant medicines make us aware that we have the programming, and invite us to question if it’s beneficial to continue the agreement
  • The forest fire, psychedelic medicines as a catalyst for radical transformation in your life
  • Discerning what you don’t want is part of the path of change
  • Healing crises and spiritual emergency are part of the process of unleveling and expanding your consciousness
  • Moving away from what you don’t want and toward what you do want are steps that align you with your true self and your heart
  • This high vibration is not something you have to do or become, or change about yourself
  • Letting go of what is NOT this high vibration is the work, transmuting trauma and what is in your shadow into fuel for your spiritual fire
  • How people get “bad vibes”
  • Why “good vibes only” and Instagram spirituality of “love and light only” is actually spiritual bypassing
  • You cannot truly sustain the light vibration without shadow work and facing your own darkness
  • You can create and feed your high vibration through spiritual alchemy and transmutation
  • Creating your own suffering and taking responsibility for choosing the program and the negative vibration
  • The way you change the belief, thought pattern, or behavior is noticing the new awareness every day
  • You won’t be perfect at this, so creating a mindful, intentional practice around whatever you’re working on will solidify the transformation
  • Every criticism is an opportunity to be soft, to be gentle, to be compassionate
  • You’re doing the work to be your true self, you re already full of love and light
  • Setting boundaries with yourself, rewiring your brain, and creating new neural pathways
  • Gaining mastery over your own mind through spiritual practices, breaking the program
  • Psychedelic medicines give you your power back to choose what you believe
  • The power of connecting with your highest self and your highest calling
  • Mistakes are an opening to learn a new way, without the mistake you can’t learn
  • When things don’t feel good, that’s your heart telling you “this is not aligned with your vibration”
  • Taking personal responsibility for healing your trauma
  • Triggers are there to teach us how to heal our trauma
  • Evolution as a species means we cannot continue to be defined by our trauma
  • If you believe you can heal from trauma, you can
  • Feeling at home in yourself, finding your way back to your own sovereignty
  • Being a rock in a river, walking through a swamp without getting muddy
  • Creating a good vibration through your spiritual practices and leaning into what feels good
  • Life is a ceremony, it’s not just what you do in the retreat, medicine is a way of life
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