the psychedelic integration podcast how to stop being a control freak
Raise your hand if you need things to be a certain way. If it would just be better if you did everything yourself. If you micromanage everyone around you. If you don’t really trust other people to meet your expectations. If you feel resentful and angry that no one does anything quite up to your standards. Including you. Today on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast I am diving into how to stop being a control freak so that you can be present and enjoy your life. No judgment. No shame. Only gentle, compassionate understanding of all the ways you try to create safety and protection through attachment and control. And how psychedelics help you unwind this habit energy and shift it into something more chill and beneficial. 

In this episode, Sinclair talks about:

  • Control freakiness and attachment to specific outcomes
  • Identifying your less ideal habit energies with compassion
  • Creating safety and protection for yourself to survive
  • The origins of micromanaging and the need to control
  • What taking control and attachment to outcomes can look like
  • Mind-reading and anticipation of someone’s needs keeping you from really listening
  • Not trusting yourself and not trusting others
  • Teaching people in your life that you don’t want help
  • Hyper-independence is highly valued
  • No one does it alone
  • Recognizing your privilege
  • The glorification of the individual and the ego
  • How is this good for me? vs. how is this good for the collective?
  • We don’t have control over anything anyway
  • Freaking out when you have to compromise
  • Being unable to feel joy, gratitude, being present
  • Care less, lower your expectations, doing the bare minimum, and giving less fucks
  • The illusion of control is a distraction, a way we keep ourselves busy
  • Having unreasonable expectations gives you a carrot to chase that you will never catch
  • Letting go of everything that I think I need to do to “be healthy”
  • Listening to your body, asking it what it needs
  • “If I don’t have it like this, then….”
  •  A control freak is actually a leader in training
  • Doing deep work in yourself and spreading that out in the world as a spiritual leader
  • Leaning into gratitude, appreciation, and joy
  • Stop trying to fix everything, because nothing needs to be fixed
  • Witnessing yourself without judgment, accepting yourself
  • The magic of deep rest
  • Shame is the joy killer
  • Remedies to help you let go and trust yourself

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