In this episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, learn how to shift into a mindset of trust and faith with plant medicine as your guide. Working on your beliefs and… *gasp* …even changing them and creating ones that are more beneficial — this is the long term integration work of plant medicine and psychedelics.

Finding faith and changing beliefs with plant medicine might seem impossible, but it is truly the path to finding deep meaning and living a purpose filled life. You have the power to decide what you believe, and plant medicine can help you find your own soul and connect to a benevolent creator that is always on your side so that you create the conditions in your life to stop surviving and start thriving.

What is belief? Beliefs are agreements that you make with yourself, with institutions, your family, and society as a whole. Beliefs are the framework of your worldview, and they color how you experience what’s outside you and what’s inside you. Beliefs are the cornerstone of values, actions, behaviors, everything. And most of this programming is subconscious and outside your awareness. Today on the pod, we’re talking about the medicine journey through dismantling your belief system and leaning into faith and trusting the Universe.


In this episode, Sinclair and John dive into:

  • The definition of belief, where we get our beliefs, how they form as we grow up
  • How your beliefs determine your actions and your values
  • Limiting beliefs and core beliefs 
  • What you believe is what’s true for you, the belief system you hold determines the reality you live in
  • If belief creates your reality, then you can choose your own destiny
  • The process of psychedelic integration is unearthing the core beliefs and limiting beliefs and examining them, and choosing what you want to believe in instead
  • The more you align yourself with Reality and Truth (as it actually is), the better life feels
  • Being willing to admit you’re wrong, being open to change your mind
  • The medicines show you a spectrum of belief, a bigger picture understanding of how the universe operates
  • The science of belief is self-evident
  • The placebo effect is a big deal, it’s the validation of thought and belief having the power to heal you
  • Healing chronic pain through changing belief and thought patterns
  • Mastering the use of your mind, believing something is true, and bringing it into your life because your mind and your thoughts are influencing your cells and your beliefs determine what is happening in your body
  • Your beliefs influence everything you see and experience, both internally and externally
  • Finding faith through working with plant medicines
  • Switching from atheism to a spiritual view of the world, having faith in a power greater than ourselves
  • John shares his story of rejecting Catholicism and accepting atheism through scientific reductionism taught in schools
  • Sinclair onboarding the Christian worldview of “I’m bad, I’m a sinner, I’m going to burn in hell…”
  • Rejecting organized religion, rejecting the patriarchy, and choosing atheism as a rebellious stance of empowerment against a broken system
  • Atheism and politics as superiority and judgement of the other and how that feels terrible
  • Coming to plant medicines looking for purpose and meaning, to change the affects of this belief or lack of faith
  • Opening a little at a time to a new way of thinking, a new belief system is how to get there
  • Finding curiosity to saying what if I’m wrong? Questioning everything, walking away from everything that wasn’t serving me
  • Finding the felt experience of god through the psychedelic experience can help us shift into trusting that the Universe has my back
  • Trusting that everything is working out makes them work out
  • You’re worthy, you’re a being of light, you’re part of Consciousness and believing this makes doing good for yourself and in the world effortless
  • How to understand and overcome trauma with this worldview that everything is happening for your highest good
  • There are no limits, only the ones we put there
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