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In this episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, I’m talking about Huachuma medicine magic with Jeremy Martin. Jeremy is the founder of Cinco Medicos Retreats, a shamanic healing center with locations in the Americas. Extensively trained to work with a number of psychedelic plant medicines, Jeremy is wholly dedicated to helping people heal trauma and achieve personal growth. He specializes in helping people with a Western mindset to transform their lives and reconnect with the divine within through San Pedro (Huachuma) cactus ceremonies, mental health counseling, breathwork, and other holistic practices. His own journey healing chronic conditions (addiction, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, etc.) is a big reason why he loves helping others to heal these same conditions as well. 


In this episode, Sinclair and Jeremy discuss :

  • His path to finding psychedelics for healing due to facing his own deep physical suffering, depression, chronic pain, illness, and panic attacks 
  • After exhausting traditional treatments and spending time in a hospital, he began experimenting with morning glory seeds as an alternative path
  • Feeling called to South America and going to the jungle, working with ayahuasca with Shipibo maestros
  • Master plant dietas versus the ayahuasca diet
  • Facilitating medicine journeys, learning in ceremony, and finding his calling toward working with San Pedro
  • Building a relationship with huachuma beginning with growing the cactus from seed, spending time with it solo, and working with teachers in the Sacred Valley of Peru
  • How the ceremony experience is held in Peru through different lineages
  • Healing through beauty and a deep connection through nature
  • Healing yourself, and then asking, “how does my healing support the healing of my brother?”
  • Using discernment around when to take medicine, showing up differently
  • Not using medicines as an escape route
  • You don’t have to wait until you’re in an emergency, medicine is preventative
  • Spiritual hygiene
  • Integration based on the medicine you’re working with
  • The challenge and messiness of the integration process 
  • How going through the messiness leads you on your way to evolution
  • The change that takes place from who you are before and who you are after the medicine
  • Integrity in service, and in where you choose to source your medicine
  • The sustainability of huachuma, growing and planting seeds
  • How ayahuasca and San Pedro work as a team
  • How huachuma works over a number of ceremonies
  • The importance of preparation and throttling your expectations
  • Bringing whatever is in your heart up to the surface, the anger, the rage, the sadness, and helping you to feel it
  • The ceremony is teaching you how to do it in your life, going through the shit to reach the joy
  • Jeremy’s work with people who are suffering with chronic illness, insomnia, depression, addiction, relationship problems, autoimmune disorders
  • Working with people who have tried EVERYTHING else, at the end of their rope and are ready to do something about it
  • Do more integration! And then do nothing. Striving and straining can burn you out
  • Just being a human being
  • If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it
  • Be yourself above all, with all the medicine work, all the integration, just be yourself  

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