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As a young man, I overcame addiction to heroin. Recovery allowed me to start to heal my feelings of being unlovable that started me on the road of addiction to begin with. I am so grateful for this time in my life because it was my alarm clock in many ways. Passing through these trails helped to awaken my consciousness.

Because of my time in recovery, I was able to live life again. I went back to school, achieved some impressive accolades in sports, got a wonderful job, and moved into a house with a partner. Yet I didn’t feel fulfilled. What was wrong? I had checked all the boxes I was supposed to, and somehow I was more lost than ever. Thankfully at that crucial moment, psychedelic medicines entered my life.   
Through journeying with Sacred Earth medicines, I reconnected to my true and authentic Self and began the process of reprogramming my mind, emotions, and body to be aligned with my spiritual center – my heart. The healing path has been long and at times difficult; and of course continues to unfold each day I am blessed with the gift of rising in the morning. This work has been the single most rewarding journey of my life. 
Soon after my relationship psychedelic medicines began to unfold, I found myself in Ecuador, managing a plant medicine retreat center. The work was so rewarding, yet something was missing. Time after time, we would meet family (guests) who would come, make wonderful strides in their healing journeys, then go home only to have the progress halt, or even regress. Over and over again, they said the same thing: “I feel alone at home; I don’t have my tribe; it feels hard to maintain this all by myself.”
john steiner psychedelic integration plant medicine retreat facilitator
john steiner plant medicine retreat facilitator
I am so grateful to have met my amazing partner, Sinclair, while working at the retreat center. We decided together that we would create a home for all the people who feel lost after their retreats. With the magic of a prayer, our spiritual collaboration was born.
It is our mission to help family who have begun the process of healing with plant medicines to find a more harmonious relationship with yourself, the world you live in, and all the people in your life. It is our prayer, that through these harmonious relationships, we can help to create a world filled with an infinitude of love, peace, joy, and abundance. 

I have dedicated my life to be in service to the plants, and to the people healing with them. With my time spent in countless ceremonies, many of them assisting the medicine carriers, and years of recovery, practicing spiritual disciplines, and self discovery, I am grateful to be in a position to offer my time and energy to help whomever is in need. 

It would be my honor to guide you in your process of discovering your own mystical heart.
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