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In this episode, Sinclair interviews Jonathan Schecter, Certified Breathwork Facilitator and Psychedelic Integration Coach and founder of Blue Magic Alchemy. He works with men to help them find clarity and unlock lasting change in their work with mushrooms and plant medicine. The methods he uses in coaching are the same ones he’s used to transform his own life. 

Coming into coaching was one result of coming out of an abusive marriage where he was left feeling lost, stuck and unhappy. Within this dark night of the soul, and during a deep exploration of self, he discovered breathwork, and started prioritizing the integration process as much as the time he was spending within the ceremony space. 

Looking inward and asking himself what have helped at the beginning of his own journey led Jonathan into service as an integration coach and breathwork facilitator, as well as launching The Vital Point podcast which centers on different methods and practices for personal transformation and growth.

In this episode, Sinclair and Jonathan talk about:

  • Rave culture, getting sober, and finding Buddhism
  • Opening the door back up to medicine with mushrooms in a festival setting
  • Doing some soul searching after leaving a dysfunctional, abusive marriage with guidance from mushrooms
  • The rave scene, how this container helps people heal even though it’s not the “ideal” setting
  • Being a “good viber”
  • Excavating what comes up with the medicines
  • Finding a holistic healing path with integration, breathwork, and ice baths
  • The evolution of learning how psychedelics actually work and how they aren’t enough on their own
  • Why what you do with the psychedelic experience is the most important catalyst to making actual changes
  • Being prepared leading into enhanced ability to integrate, and continuing that cycle to transform
  • Why “love and light” isn’t actually a permanent solution to messy human problems
  • Putting attention to what you consume, removing toxic influences
  • You don’t have to force it, you’ll know when it’s time to make a shift, cut something out, change something – it’s a natural process and it’s ok to let it happen when it’s time
  • How he got into breathwork facilitation and integration coaching as a business
  • Training and learning as a facilitator, facing his own complex trauma, becoming truly trauma informed
  • Everyone has the opportunity to figure out what their trauma means to them
  • The masculine, Buddhist approach to integration that Jonathan uses in his work with clients
  • Anything is possible with the right cause and effect relationship
  • Finding clarity through commiting to daily practices
  • The magic of the coaching container
  • Doing it all yourself as a trauma response
  • Allowing yourself to receive help and support as a catalyst to expansion

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