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My medicine brother Ale Abregú is a plant-based chef and retreat facilitator, and expert in nutrition and how to let your food be medicine. Born in Argentina, he learned the art of food preparation in his family, connecting to his indigenous roots in Paraguay, and working as a chef in restaurants. There he learned that intention, care, and presence were missing in the process of modern food creation. The food was overcharged with stress, tension, and hurry. 

Ale then received training in Hygienist Nutrition in Argentina and Spain, and embarked on a journey to promote mindful and nourishing culinary practices. He currently facilitates his magic in healing retreats, workshops on healthy cooking, and offering detoxification programs as a nutrition mentor. As a male birth doula, he supports partners in understanding nutrition and detoxification during the conception process. Ale’s mission is to deconstruct false beliefs about food and health, fostering a balanced and nourishing connection to support personal well-being.


In this episode, Sinclair and Ale talk about:

  • Growing up in Argentina in the 80s when it was “cool” to buy fast and convenience foods
  • Feeling the effects of processed foods on his body while living in Brazil
  • Fake food products in South America
  • Moving to a farm and learning to eat from the soil, that food is medicine
  • Working in restaurants, the high-paced, high-volume style of making food
  • The system of vibrational food – thinking of something you love while you are making the food
  • La Nonna vibes, calling in the grandmother while you are cooking
  • Connecting with his roots in the Guarani tribe of Brazil and sitting with plant medicine with them
  • Meeting ayahuasca, getting the message that Mother Nature is his teacher
  • Realizing less is more, that the medicine is inside of us
  • The medicine is the catalyst that opens you and invites you into your new awareness
  • There is no magic pill that works overnight
  • Everything needs time to work, detoxification needs seasons to clean and clear
  • Integration as a lifestyle, the holistic regeneration of your wholeness
  • Being present and slowing down as a sensual practice
  • Nourishing the body should be focused
  • Preparing your food by energizing it, praying over it, setting intentions
  • Chewing slowly and properly so you can absorb the nutrients
  • The act of numbing and dissociation that happens when you scroll, watch TV, or use devices while eating
  • Coming into awareness of industrial meat and eating animals through plant medicine and facing their suffering
  • Orthorexia, eating disorders, calorie counting, and the mental viruses that we have to deprogram
  • The body can heal even when you eat unhealthy things if you have a good vibration
  • Healthy food + healthy mindset is the optimal way
  • No shame or blame when you realize you need to change something
  • Hygienist practice is the habit of taking your own body to the mechanic to maintain and clean
  • Detox protocols and tips
  • The responsibility of facilitators and healers to take care of ourselves, not just during our events and retreats
  • If you’re not walking the walk, you can’t ethically hold the responsibility of being trusted to help and heal
  • The importance of being humble in service work
  • Finding balance while you live life being cleanish
  • Accepting your limits and taking care of your body’s needs 
  • Choosing the highest quality of whatever foods you love and really enjoying it
  • Bringing joy and love into the food experience, gathering with your family
  • Ale’s work as a male birth doula to prepare couples for conception

Connect with Ale Abregú
Ale’s website: https://www.aleabregu.com/
Follow Ale on Instagram: @mateabre and @weareheartful

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