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Today on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, Sinclair interviews Jules Hare, a playfully wise Intuitive Mentor and Embodiment Coach who specializes in listening to the body. With more than 30 years experience as a craniosacral therapist, she’s spent thousands of hours mastering her unique craft. A natural born inner intimacy artist, Jules has an amazing ability to awaken you to your own inner gifts and unique abilities, by facilitating a new and powerful friendship between your mind and body. 


Jules has dedicated her practice to helping people from all walks of life develop full, passionate, meaningful lives through compassion, curiosity, and powerful attention. She believes the secret lies in turning inward to cultivate our intuition and live with embodied, compassionate presence. 


Throughout her career, Jules has facilitated the exponential personal growth of hundreds of clients through her playful, intuitive, and wise guidance. Using beautiful storytelling, deep listening and curated guidance designed uniquely for each individual, the programs and sessions Jules offers empower individuals who are ready to open their hearts and step into their fully realized potential.

In this episode, Sinclair and Jules discuss:

  • How Jules became a craniosacral therapist specializing in pediatrics
  • Starting her training at age 10, learning from her mother, talking to ghosts, listening through her hands, feeling energy 
  • Working as a massage therapist, and now transitioning into an embodiment coach and intuitive mentor
  • The difference between holding longer containers for clients vs. single session work
  • What is craniosacral therapy? 
  • Her early experiences with psychedelics
  • The little moments that are woven together inside the psilocybin experience
  • Taking dives with medicine when she feels called
  • How plant medicine influences her work with clients, creating the psychedelic experience as a practitioner
  • The true meaning of psychedelic is soul revealing
  • Making life a ceremony, the good and the difficult
  • Shifting to a mindset of “what is this here to teach me?”
  • Play, sound, and imagination as a backdoor to access the body
  • The brain learns by noticing differences
  • Being disconnected from play, joy, and the ability to experience pleasure
  • The reality of connecting with your inner child
  • Embodiment is so important because it is the landing place for the soul’s experience
  • How the body is designed to release and ground, and trauma interrupts this natural process
  • Opening to the connection to spirit can feel overwhelming, and it has to be grounded into the body and the Earth 
  • Bringing your awareness inward, embodiment leading to the homecoming of wholeness
  • How the body speaks to us – it looks for the things that you’re going to pay attention to 
  • If you are oriented to pain, you will get pain from the body
  • As you get better at listening to the body, you can develop new access points
  • Talking to your body, your pain, and creating new pathways to communicate
  • Welcoming the pain, letting go of resistance, inviting it in
  • Pain is a holy messenger letting you know something is amiss
  • How distractions outside us are diminishing our access to our internal power
  • Going on tech fasts with her kids
  • Parenting on the spiritual path: Stop, Look, Listen
  • Not taking things personally, being a mindful and present parent
  • Dealing with a crisis with her teenage son
  • Creating space to become aware of the habit energy we have working on autopilot
  • The benefits of having a coach or mentor
  • Her mentorship program which features a sacred art project and Human Design deep dive

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