What does living with integrity mean when you are on a spiritual journey with psychedelics?  Integrity is the divine practice of unification. Of wholeness. Of reconnecting your disenfranchised parts and bringing them together in Oneness and unity. If you feel drawn to plant medicine and psychedelics as a way to remember your true nature of peace and ease, finding a path to walk through your life with integrity can help get you there. Today on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast I am sharing about the four aspects of living with integrity within yourself and aligning your life with a path of authenticity, self trust, and spirituality.

In this episode, Sinclair shares about:

  • What is the definition of integrity and why should you care?
  • Unification of all of your parts  body, heart, mind, and   spirit
  • Living out of integrity is living outside of your true nature, acting against yourself
  • Recognizing when you are out of integrity with yourself
  • Shedding the ways of being that are not serving you
  • When problems are symptoms and coping mechanisms
  • Self-forgiveness and gentleness as a path to coming home to yourself
  • Feeling ashamed, angry, exhausted, and lost
  • Rupture is how you find repair, going through the darkness is how you find the path of the light
  • Bringing plant medicine and psychedelics on as healing partners that teach you how to be a dimension walker
  • Being out of integrity is part of the journey, you have to have this to learn 
  • You don’t have to control everything
  • The four parts of integrity and reunifying your holistic being  
  • Start with the body, moving your body in a joyful way
  • Creating safety in your nervous system
  • Coming to know the boundaries of your body and your energy
  • Releasing what doesn’t serve you  
  • Coming into alignment with your heart, your emotional body
  • Not feeling safe to feel your feelings or ask for what you need
  • How I stay in integrity with the podcast
  • Collaboration over competition
  • Going against your heart for a quick gain
  • Being the tortoise, slow and steady, allows you to open to your intuition and feel what is right for you
  • Bringing the mind into integrity through confronting your limiting beliefs and knowing that you don’t have to get attached to the stories
  • You get to decide what you believe, you get to decide what your values are
  • The loving and benevolent Universe that has your best interest and expansion at heart
  • The spiritual connection and path is truly the only way to true self-integrity
  • Connecting with God through Nature
  • Plant medicine as a path to coming back into integrity in yourself
  • Healing the collective 
  • Becoming whole, accepting yourself, trusting yourself
  • Leaning on your spiritual path during the hardest times in your life

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