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Manifestation and Prayer: Two seemingly separate and unrelated spiritual practices that may even seem opposed or at odds with each other in today’s modern world. In reality, manifestation and prayer are a super secret power duo that combine forces to bring about massive transformation and positive changes in our lives. This week on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we are unpacking the emotional baggage we may be carrying about both manifestation and prayer, and investigate where we get our agreements about what these things even are. We’ll discuss each practice in detail, and go into the ways we get confused and even discouraged by thinking we are doing something wrong when we try to manifest things and it never works out.

We’ll also talk about how many of us lose our connection with prayer through negative religious experiences, and how taking back this practice and using it in our own lives will amplify our experiences of well-being, healing, and wellness.

Why Manifestation and Prayer?

Social media and the self-help, self improvement, biohacking, and self-actualization industries tell us we can magically create or manifest everything we want if we just…

  • Change our mindset
  • Buy their products or services
  • Stop having anxiety, depression, whatever other things are “wrong” with us
  • Use our mental power to get into “the flow”
  • Hack ourselves to be the best we can be (Especially thin, rich, young, white, able-bodied, etc.)
  • Believe hard enough
  • Practice a Good Vibes Only form of toxic positivity

In this extreme view of how manifestation works, the individual does everything themselves, using their full conscious power to create a magical reality with no help from others or outside forces. Prayer is at the opposite side of the spectrum, where all the power lies completely outside of yourself, and resides in some dude in the sky waiting to decide if you’re worthy of being answered or not. Negative experiences with organized religion have made many of us feel that prayer doesn’t belong to us and is not accessible or possible. 

Healing with psychedelics can hep us to gain a new understanding and connection with both prayer and manifestation, and help us see how to find our own empowerment through using them together in our lives, and in our integration work. Join us on the podcast this week for an awesome conversation about the real magic of manifestation and prayer and how you can use these practices in your daily life to call in those things that are already seeking you.

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