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Hey Family,

Are you tired of your healing path feeling like a lonely, unrelenting hike straight up Not Good Enough Mountain? With only the company of your fun loving companions   “you’re doing it wrong” and “shouldn’t you be healed by now?”

I sought out plant medicine because the plants were seeking me. Offering me a path to freedom.

I wanted to feel better. To understand WHY I was in so much pain. And why my life felt like such a heroic and unsolvable mess. Why I always self-sabotaged. Why I was perpetually stuck.

I wanted to give care and love to the parts of myself that felt unlovable. 

I wanted to be at home in myself. 

No matter where I was or what I was doing. I wanted to feel safe being fully ME. In all my messy, weird, bubbly too muchness. With no apologies. 

I wanted to learn how to be my own Source. To trust myself, no matter what. 

To gather all my magic and energy back to me and understand how to nurture it. So I could make it grow.

I wanted to discover and be known by myself. 

And to believe that there is a loving, benevolent Universe that cares about me and wants me to be happy and well. 

When I finally understood that I could quit the struggle and create a soft, spiritual path to enjoy my life… that’s when the real magic started. 

You’re invited to come home to NEST. It’s time to soften around everything.

Imagine integration that feels good...

Psychedelics don't care if we're happy.
They care if we're free.
And liberation is radical.

When you are at home in yourself, you have unconditional safety and love. You belong. Everything is easy and calm because you trust yourself. You know that everything is here to help you. 

You give yourself unconditional permission. You allow everything. You stop resisting and start flowing instead. You surrender gracefully and in power.  

You get to change your mind. To be wild. To be quiet and calm. To rage. To cry. To laugh until you fall out of your chair. To adorn your life with romance. To die and be reborn. As many times as it takes.

You get to let it be easy. You orient toward joy instead of suffering.

You can do whatever the fuck you want. Because everything, all of you, is welcome. 

Believe it or not, it is possible to have peace without struggle.

You can have it in every area of your life…

  • your body
  • your health
  • your relationships
  • your work
  • your financial situation and relationship with money
  • your purpose
  • your connection to Earth
  • your spiritual path
  • your partnership with plant medicine
  • your integration journey 
  • all the places you are seeking healing… 

This isn’t something that’s nice to have. It’s the only path to living fully, from your heart. 

The work of liberation is my life’s purpose. It’s removing all the obstacles that stand in the way of authenticity. And I can’t think of anything else that’s more important than for each of us to be at home in ourselves. 

There is nothing more valuable. 

Make Your Medicine Journeys REAL

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Do you feel like you are waiting for permission to be the person you really are?

Do you feel drawn to slowness and depth, but constantly feel pressured to exist in a state of hurry and hustle?

Are you going through a challenging transition, integration, processing a loss, or otherwise needing to recalibrate your whole being in a soft and gentle way?

Do you have a hard time being vulnerable, finding community who gets you, or letting the real you be seen?

Do you struggle with self-sabotage, feeling stuck, lost, or overwhelmed? Do you feel like you can't trust yourself or don't really know yourself?

Let's Build a Nest...

Envision your life without the struggle.

When you’re at home in yourself, the connection to Spirit and Oneness that you find in your medicine journeys is accessible all the time. 

You easily release what needs to go so you can make room for what’s on the way.

Imagine a life that feels safe and secure. Grounded and rooted in.  

Full of love, peace, and ease. 

Where you feel completely at home and welcomed in yourself. 

Where you know yourself deeply and trust yourself fully. 

This is a life you love. 

A life you don’t want to run away from. 

A body you feel at home inside. 

Held by a warm, caring tribe who are rooting for you and excited to create home with you. 

✨NEST is a verb✨

Nest is not fancy. Or conceptual. Or intellectual. Or complicated. There is no secret handshake or special kind of healing you need to want or do. 

It’s foundational and simple. It’s everything you need to root into a deeper experience of yourself. It’s about giving less fucks and more love.

Less shit you don’t want, more good stuff you do.

Nest is for Earth folks who incarnated on this planet to BE HERE and experience this body and this reality. On the ground.

Taking psychedelics isn’t that hard or rare. Lots of people decide to take the ride everyday.
Without much thought or effort. Some end up better than they started and some people get even more lost.

What is super RARE in the “psychedelic space” is finding people who:

  • practice ongoing integration that actually supports real transformation and change
  • are not just taking medicine over and over and struggling in the rest of their life
  • are not spiritual bypassing and pretending there’s no darkness
  • are not floating around preaching love and light and claiming to be healers when they haven’t done their own work
  • are true to their values and beliefs, even when it’s not easy, profitable, or popular
Walking the walk of the spiritual path can be hard. But being in integrity is not hard when you are doing the work that we are going to be doing together. 

Being fully present and content in yourself into the home of your dreams doesn’t happen overnight. 

It’s an organic process of curation. Selection. Invention. 

And just like a sweet little discerning and particular bird, you get to choose. 

You’re in charge of everything that goes into building and creating your dream home inside yourself. 

You get to have it exactly how you want it. 

I’m here to guide you with the perspectives, skills, practices, and coaching that enables and inspires you to find your own way. To build your own nest. 

To have the nutrient-rich soul soil that allows you to plant and grow whatever makes you happy. 

So that you feel liberated and rooted in yourself and your wholeness.
So that your medicine work LANDS. And grows you into a majestic and wise being.

Become your medicine. 


Give Yourself Permission to Be the Real You

NEST is an invitation to shift how you are BEING.
Inside, you’ll learn exactly how to…


learn how to live each day with intention, revive your belief in magic, trust yourself, and honor your curiosity 


join forces with Spirit, your body, your nervous system, your community, and yourself –  everything is here to help you 


reconnect to your own seasonal rhythms, your cycles, and being in harmony with Nature so you can easily live in a high vibration


ditch the hustle, learn to slow down, and prioritize your soul desire for rest and restoration 


remember the language of your body, and know exactly what you need to feel most safe, warm, and comfortable at home in yourself


 become a living sanctuary for your spiritual practice – invite yourself home into the secret rooms of  your inner temple


→ 12 Week Program filled with spaciousness and ease, where you get to take the time you need to fully integrate and digest each morsel

 1 x 60 minute group coaching session per week – Gather with your spirit family to be seen and witnessed, to be held and to hold space, and get coaching on WHATEVER you need support with (relationships, money, career, business, integration, trauma, fear, anger, emotional entanglements, health issues, self-sabotage, addiction, limiting beliefs, stuckness, imposter syndrome… everything is welcome!) Calls will be recorded in case you miss any. 

We will meet Wednesday nights at 7PM EST on Zoom

 Lifetime access to the NEST Digital Learning Library – All the program videos, lessons, worksheets, and more, yours to learn from forever! 

 Private Discord Community with UNLIMITED COACHING – so that you have a 24/7 place to ask for support, share resources, get your questions answered, and connect with your fellow soul travelers between our coaching calls

→ You’ll gain a deeper resonance with Nature, the Earth, and listening to your own needs so that you feel grounded and centered in exploring your spiritual growth as a nourished and well-resourced being

 Super Secret Invites to Ceremonial Retreats (3-4 times per year) Join the inner circle and gather with us to pray, heal, and celebrate life in ceremony and community as a family 

Option to Book 1:1 Coaching Sessions at a discounted rate ($100 per 45 min session) when you need extra in-depth support and want more personal attention 




$ 449
  • 3 Monthly Payments


$ 1299
  • Save $50 when you pay in full
sinclair fleetwood psychedelic life coach asheville north carolina

“Sinclair was really responsive and provided encouragement when I was stuck in an exercise or found some of the work emotionally painful. She provided a safe space for me to cry it out when I needed to and celebrated my wins with me. Sinclair has taught me the meaning of connection and is helping me find purpose and autonomy in my life. I’m very grateful. The coursework was incredibly helpful in guiding me and helping me to develop a language for articulating what was going on with my brain and emotions. I never had that before and it has helped enormously.  “

– NR

sinclair fleetwood psychedelic life coach asheville north carolina

“I have cultivated a resiliency for encountering difficult circumstances in my life with a much greater level of ease than I would have imagined prior to this program. While I can never say that I have completely healed those areas of brokenness that I carry, I must say that this program has done a great deal to support me along that path. I’ve been able to reframe aspects of the way I’ve related to past traumas and ego identification in ways where am I able to take it all a bit less seriously and bring in a sense of spaciousness to areas where there had been constriction..” 


sinclair fleetwood psychedelic life coach asheville north carolina

“I had done therapy, meditation, and other wellness programs and was never able to truly shift my mindset. I was depressed and despondent and getting desperate. After talking to Sinclair during the initial intake session, I knew this was going to change my life. I jumped in and never looked back. Her empathy and straightforward manner drew me in and I knew I had to work with her. She is the first coach who I ever felt really “got” where I was coming from and could show me a path forward.”


sinclair fleetwood psychedelic life coach asheville north carolina

“My worldview is significantly more positive, seeing life as a gift pretty much all of the time. My trust in myself, my internal resources and guidance has grown significantly. My understanding of what is true for me has become much more clear. My love and acceptance for myself as a whole being has increased; I can see more of me without shame or guilt. There is more peace and space in my mind, heart, and body. My chest doesn’t hurt as much or as often. I better understand my needs and why I do what I do. I rarely use tech or food to cope and I am vastly more aware of why, can watch without guilt or shame, and it’s never as bad as it used to be..


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$ 449
  • 3 Monthly Payments


$ 1299
  • Save $50 when you pay in full
sinclair fleetwood group integration coaching plant medicine guide

Ready to belong on purpose? It’s an inside job. Let’s do this nest building together. 

There are only 4 spots left! Don’t miss out. Not sure if this is the right fit? Book a call with me below to talk it out.

I can’t wait to NEST with you, family.



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