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Pia Sewelies is a friend, medicine sister, and the founder of Our Future is Ancient and Soul Medicine Retreats, ceremonial psilocybin experiences in Mexico. She is a yoga and somatic movement teacher, and a student of non-dual Saiva Tantra and ancient shamanic healing rituals. Pia transmutes ancient practices and traditions into a modern-day language, bridging the gap for deeply transformative and nurturing transcultural healing.

The path of ceremonies and plant healing entered Pia’s life in a moment of personal crisis and overcoming years of severe anxiety and panic attacks. She was called to work with plant medicine, to explore and heal the depths of her suffering.

She found herself in the Amazon and spent extensive time learning from, and working directly with different curanderos in Peru, Ecuador and Mexico. She carries the traditions and teachings she received along her journey with the utmost respect, taking responsibility for the fact that this is a lifelong path of learning and growing.

Pia is a vision quester and devoted to the traditions of The Fuego Sagrado De Itzachilatlan and has fully committed her life to a path of service.

She keeps returning to study and sit in ceremonies with her teachers across the Americas.


In this episode, Sinclair and Pia share about:

  • Her path of awakening beginning with suffering, seeking a higher truth that didn’t feel aligned with how her life was going
  • Anxiety and panic attacks, not feeling safe in her body, imagining the worst case scenario
  • Ending a relationship that put her into a real hole and leading her to going to a women’s meditation retreat
  • Feeling called to South America and going to the jungle
  • Being called by ayahuasca through her dreams, and booking her first ayahuasca retreat
  • Having to keep her path secret from her family 
  • The power of synchronicities to lead us on our way
  • Feeling frustrated, building up expectations, and having a completely different experience than what she thought
  • Facing her mortality as a path of healing anxiety, finding the answer to freeing herself through exploring death
  • Journaling as self-therapy, beginning a serious yoga practice
  • Attracting new spiritual people into her life 
  • Being present for her grandfather’s end-of-life transition and coming out of the psychedelic closet to her family
  • Working in the Peruvian jungle at an ayahuasca center, learning about facilitation, and teaching yoga
  • Reconnecting to her intuition and her inner voice through taking a leap of faith into the unknown
  • Living with a medicine woman who became her teacher, and taught her about energy healing and plant medicine
  • Not wanting to go back to her old life and returning to unhappiness
  • The desire to share her knowledge and understanding through the medicine of retreat
  • The meaning of Our Future is Ancient
  •  The rat race of making money that creates disconnection
  • The dream of wanting to go back to a more communal, tribal way of life on the land
  • Soul Medicine Retreats in Mexico, ceremonial psilocybin, a journey of remembrance, reconnecting to the elements
  • The medicine of community and family, of sharing songs and prayers around the fire
  • The magic of food as medicine in retreat
  • Her offerings in Europe, summer weekend medicine retreats
  • The energy of growing a business from scratch
  • Connecting to her voice and singing in ceremony, the medicine of song 
  • Upcoming retreats in March and April in Nayarit, Mexico on the Pacific Coast
  • The scholarship opportunity for March (Apply for the scholarship here
  • Her calling to the path of Fuego Sagrado De Itzachilatlan and following this way as a woman
  • Her experience in vision quest as a woman, being carried by the energy of the family and the fire
  • Trusting in your prayers and Spirit
  • Expansion lies in taking the leaps of faith, you will attract what you need 

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