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Without a rooted, integrated energy system, it’s almost impossible to see movement in the areas of mindset, healthy emotional expression, and deeper connection to Spirit. Calling your power and presence back home give you the resources to stay the course.

Owning your sovereignty is about being self-governing. Self-watering. Self-resourced. The queen or king (or non-binary unicorn) of your own domain. Putting yourself and your needs first. Resourcing yourself and filling your own cup so that you can be the medicine. Being the expert on yourself. Being oriented inward. In tune with your intuition and your own energy. Alchemists don’t self-sacrifice.

Regrowing the forest of your heart is no fucking joke. You can’t be out there leaking energy all over the place, looking for someone to tell you a process of what to do and how to do it. Own your heart wisdom. Your inner knowing. Get support that actually supports you. Act from a place of inspiration rather than fear.

Start taking care of yourself like your life depends on it. Because it does. Anoint yourself with the beauty of your own existence. Let its juice and joy ooze out of your mouth and eyes and hands and life like honey. Leave a trail of roses in your wake. Drip nectar from your heart onto everyone you meet.

Confidence and embodied power are magnetic. Charismatic. Stop chasing what you want and be yourself. Own your power. Take back your sovereignty. Put out your heart vibes. And watch your life transform.

This week’s episode is all about living that sovereign empowered life. Learn the practical steps to reclaim your connection to your own wise heart. How to integrate all your parts. And how to look good doing it.

What you’ll learn about from this episode:

  • Why coming home to your power is how you change the world
  • As above, so below
  • Saying yes to yourself – what you need, what you want, following your soul purpose
  • The way relationships can change when you begin being authentic
  • Being in sacred solitude is required
  • Being willing to own your NO
  • Radical self-expression through creativity
  • Putting attention to High Vibe Necessities
  • Going against your own boundaries is self-harm
  • The wholeness of integration
  • Taking extremely good care of yourself
  • Share your work and your truth



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