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What is radical self-acceptance? Today on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast we are exploring the concept of embracing yourself fully. Exactly where you are, how you are. Right now. Radical self-acceptance is a strategy you can use to turn life from a struggle and a fight into a compassionate, enjoyable way of being. But first, you have to sit in the authenticity of your true nature. And as usual, plant medicine can guide you there.

In this episode, Sinclair and John share about:

  • Acceptance, surrender, and self-love are the keys to unlocking your true nature
  • Sinclair first encountering radical self-acceptance at Burning Man
  • The chronic feeling of not-good-enoughness
  • How we onboard conformity, changing yourself to be like everyone else
  • Leaning into how you naturally are, re-learning and remembering who you really are
  • The ecosystem of diversity, the more we are individually different and cohesive, the more success we are going to have
  • Laying down the struggle of trying to change yourself and accepting yourself exactly as you are
  • An example of how this works with addiction
  • How we get stuck in the victim mentality after experiencing trauma
  • Allowing your trauma to be there without judgment
  • Trying to force yourself to have a positive outlook about your shitty life experiences before you are ready is the opposite of self-acceptance
  • Wherever you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be
  • Plant medicine helps you raise out of your ego and gives you a choice to change your perspective
  • What if instead of changing yourself, you love the body that you have? What if you could choose to love yourself RIGHT NOW?
  • You get to decide what’s beautiful, you get to decide what matters to you
  • Let it be there, let it be what it is
  • When the pain is too big for you to feel it, and you create other pain through numbing behaviors — this is protective
  • When you are struggling, you need more love, not less
  • What is the difference between self-acceptance and self-love?
  • Unlocking your soul mission with plant medicine
  • Healing and alchemizing trauma and struggle into magic and light
  • This soul mission is so much bigger than whatever thing is blocking you from not feeling good about yourself
  • It is your job to feel good within yourself
  • The “shoulds” and forcing yourself to do things in a way that goes against what you need
  • You can accept yourself right now, exactly as you are
  • You are already perfect
  • Learning how to express at your highest octave starts with self-acceptance
  • Start where you are
  • Giving yourself permission to trust where you are and feel your feelings
  • Bringing your attention to what doesn’t feel good and welcoming it, inviting it in
  • Being soft to yourself, inviting the difficult thing in
  • Investing time, energy, and money into finding out who you really are
  • Limiting beliefs and reasons why you can’t do the work (money, time, etc.)
  • Valuing yourself, your health, and your life experience
  • Wasting time staying stuck in old patterns
  • How personal work helps your relationships and heals the collective
  • Taking care of yourself is a radical act 

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