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Today on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, I’m sharing a wonderful conversation about healing and mushrooms with Joi Whitmore, Entheogenic Priestess. Through her own life experience with racial prejudice, sexual abuse, and a mentally ill mother, she has transmuted multiple layers of trauma with the help of intense therapy, coaching, and psilocybin. Joi is Certified Master Life Coach, an intuitive entheogenic guide, integration coach, and an instructor for the Wayfinder Life Coach training school. She works with all types of people who are feeling discouraged with life internally, even though they may appear successful on the surface. 
It is from this place of healing that she seeks to serve others coming from the same space. A child of the earth, she was raised in a multi-cultural family who introduced her to her love of nature, gardening, the beach, and Native American culture. These are the areas in which she finds the most healing in her life, and shares theses methods, tools, and wisdom with her clients.

In this episode, Sinclair and Joi dig into:

  • Leaving her home state of North Carolina after not feeling like she fit in because of her mixed racial heritage, finding a new life in Florida at 17
  • Her early experiences with psilocybin mushrooms 
  • Losing her religion, feeling angry and disconnected from God, and meeting Jesus through the mushrooms
  • Finding the Conversations with God series of books
  • Following her desire to continue learning and wanting to feel better
  • Checking out of her body and life with alcohol, not feeling part of a tribe
  • How having her daughter drastically changed her life
  • Her experience with sexual abuse as a small child, and being sexually assaulted in high school at age 15
  • The huge prevalence of sexual abuse and assault that happens to women as we go through adolescence and adulthood
  • The importance of talking about rape, and the healing of ancestral sexual trauma with medicine
  • Rediscovering and claiming her indigenous Native American heritage through ceremony and powwow
  • How being “white passing” enabled her to forget about her deep roots to her own culture
  • The need for all of us to connect to our roots, to our own calling to our indigenous human ancestral wisdom
  • Fear around really digging into culture and medicine that isn’t “yours” 
  • Doing this work with reverence and respect to the cultures and elders where your learning is originating
  • Being the home for the alchemy of the old ways bringing forth the new ways
  • The ease and joy of cultivating and growing mushrooms
  • The mycelium network, the ancestral wisdom of these magical plants that has been gathering for billions of years
  • How you can ask the mushrooms for help, support, sing to them, build a relationship with them as you are growing them
  • How we can reconnect to our natural, innate intuition and wildness with plant medicine
  • A Course in Miracles as a path to untangle her relationship with religion
  • Going through a difficult experience with a spiritual leader as a rite of passage for healers and facilitators
  • The deep importance of ethics, integrity, and personal values as a coach and facilitator
  • Becoming part of the medicine family, the spiritual community
  • The power of music to heal and transmute trauma, to move energy, and change your vibration
  • We all have the ability to sing, to use our voices to heal ourselves and share our light
  • Microdosing as a path to heal symptoms, improve creativity, and feel more alive
  • Stopping drinking as a result of wanting to feel better and working with medicine in a healing context
  • Supporting people who want to do shadow work, overcome negative patterns, get off anti-depressants and feel better

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