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Nervous system dysregulation, overwhelm, burnout, anxiety. Not feeling present for your life.  These are just some of the symptoms of being chronically overstimulated, disconnected, and stuck in output mode. And while we’ve come to think of this  as just how it is in modern life, it’s actually not your natural state to be fried and wired and constantly doing. When it doesn’t feel safe to rest, how can you retrain your brain and nervous system to crave stillness and calm? If you feel drawn to plant medicine and psychedelics as a way to reconnect to your true nature of peace and ease, you’re not alone. Today on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast I am sharing about reconnection, receiving, and rest, and how these divinely feminine states of slowing down are crucial to creating a different world.

In this episode, Sinclair shares about:

  • You don’t know what you don’t know, how the medicine path teaches you about yourself
  • Deprogramming yourself from a false understanding of how the Universe works
  • We are receiving beings, we are energetic beings built to receive the gift of consciousness 
  • Plugging back in and reconnecting with to Spirit with plant medicine
  • Reconnection to Spirit as a practice, and being gentle with yourself when you forget
  • Integration is a coming home to wholeness and inviting in a new way of life catalyzed by the medicine experience
  • Masculine and feminine energy, the non-dual way to understand this
  • Duality versus polarity
  • Receiving as a feminine energy
  • The way the whole is expressed in the water on Earth through Father and Mother water
  • The difference between force and invitation
  • The necessity and power of receiving as a way of being
  • Linear, temporal programming that values us to always be awake, on, and producing
  • Constantly being in output mode blocks your intuitive nature of receiving
  • A story about healing the receiver with ayahuasca
  • The inability to receive is often a sign of scarcity, lack, and unworthiness 
  • Sacred reciprocity, getting back what you put out
  • The transactional state of receiving
  • Blocking yourself from receiving money because of outdated ideas of how these energies work
  • Stoking the ego as the inventor, the creator, when in reality all things come from Source connection
  • Not understanding how to tune in to the frequency of receiving
  • Engaging in sacred rest so that you can receive
  • Your value as a living, conscious being, just because you are
  • Do this, then get this, and THEN you can be peaceful, happy, safe, calm, loved, etc.
  • Starting with the body in integration, cleaning your house, clearing your energy
  • Two things cannot occupy the same space at once, get rid of the noise
  • Letting go of resistance, welcoming in uncomfortable emotions
  • Why rage is hard to feel
  • Admitting you create drama and struggle inside yourself because a part of you enjoys it
  • Going through addiction as a path to waking up
  • Creating difficult situations because you get off on the drama of saving yourself at the last minute
  • Cultivating a beginner’s mind
  • Sleep and deep rest, the conscious sleep practice of yoga nidra
  • Sleep is the savasana of life, where we receive the benefits of our practices
  • The magic of deep rest, sleep as a portal to the mystery and finding your power
  • Filling your own cup is how you save the world
Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott ( I also recommend the audiobook if you like those – I have both!)
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