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Today on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, Sinclair interviews Maitreya Wolf, evolutionary soul mentor and founder of Soul Power Mentoring. Maitreya is a wise woman, musician, mystic, earth lover, and movement artist. Her deepest allegiance is to the spiritual power of Beauty, the wild earth, freedom and sovereignty for all life, and the life of Soul.

Maitreya grew up in Boston, enjoying a life of urban artistic culture and progressive education, while spending her summers riding horses in the outback of the Arizona desert. A natural artist, she later spent many years doing ritualized tattoo work, recreating rites of passage with people that have been stripped from our social fabric. Maitreya is a singer and professional musician, and offers concerts in a ritual format, making space for her haunting and soul-moving music to deeply affect and touch the audience members. 

Maitreya has cultivated a diverse and omni-dimensional skill set, weaving embodied wisdom, and an expansive, dynamic insight into the beautiful (and sometimes harrowing) human experience. It is this unique and extraordinary lens through which she lives and teaches. Through her earth-and-soul centered evolutionary mentoring practice, Soul Power Mentoring, she helps people learn how to transform pain into power so that they can live lives of greater connection and purpose in this most extraordinary time of human and planetary transformation.

In this episode, Sinclair and Maitreya delve into:

  • Discovering the way to live in society on a spiritual path when she was constantly being pulled in another way
  • Finding LSD in Harvard Square and feeling more connected to the Mystery as the true reality 
  • Having always walked an initiatory path, relating to life itself as an evolutionary process
  • The definition of initiation and the initiatory experience
  • It’s hard to learn and grow and change if you are resisting 
  • The thresholds of initiation, and how they can be pleasurable, and sometimes feel like annihilation
  • Once you learn, you teach
  • Going beyond the surface to ask the question “What’s really going on here?” 
  • How do you change the habit and the pattern so that you can live more in alignment with the fullness of your being?
  • Looking at your experience through the initiatory lens, asking “How does this demand that I evolve?”
  • Connecting with your dreams and vision, and securing your capacity to do that well
  • Understanding the higher calling of your soul and your needs beyond the biological survival
  • Empowerment – the choice of your spirit
  • Being offended and conditioned to give our power away to things outside ourselves
  • Taking ownership of your experience internally
  • In order to become well, you have to start with the basics 
  • Empowerment comes with responsibility and taking your own sovereignty back
  • What’s beyond your limit? The smallest fire you can think of
  • Sovereignty is taking full responsibility for your own life, both your inner and outer selves 
  • Standing in a state of integrated wisdom as a service to the many
  • The conundrum of the psychedelic space
  • The necessity of a solid ego self to hold and receive the expanded consciousness of the medicine experience,
  • How damaging and traumatizing the experience can be without this foundation 
  • Grounding the experience in the ordinary and the everyday makes the difference between trauma and initiation
  • Reconnecting with the wonder of the mystery in communion with nature
  • Keep it wild
  • Being disconnected with nature makes us easy to control, easy to manipulate, and easy to harvest energy from
  • Keeping plant medicine underground and close to the Earth, this is the purpose and this is where the healing lies
  • The reality in the US is very reductionist, dissociative, and linear
  • In counseling, it’s comfortable to stay in the pain body
  • In wisdom teaching, there is a process through a series of teachings and learnings
  • Going beyond visuals and finding a vision for your life
  • Singing and ritual gathering as a spiritual practice
  • You are the only YOU that will ever be, and this is so important

Connect with Maitreya Wolf, Evolutionary Mentor
Maitreya’s website: Soul Power Mentoring 
Follow Maitreya on Instagram: @maitreyawolfmentor
Find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maitreyawolfsacredarts
To hear some of her music, meditations, and teachings, visit her Youtube channel
To hear her album, Fertile Darkness, visit her Bandcamp page

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