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Stacey M. Constante is Ecuadorian, first generation born in the U.S. She is a women’s holistic hormone practitioner, nutritionist, herbalist, registered nurse, and mother. She has been following the medicine path through the Americas for the last six years. Along the way she has been slowly merging the teachings of allopathic and ancestral medicine. 

Stacey began her career as an ER nurse. While working at different hospitals, she noticed the gaps in modern medicine. As she grew her relationship with plant medicine, she could no longer look away from the broken system we have been led to believe in. She felt she was sending patients through a revolving door with more questions than when they arrived. She began to question why nutrition, herbs, mental health, and other ancient healing modalities were not being spoken of. It was medication after medication, a quick fix, but never mentioning lifestyle changes or getting to the root of the problem.  

Having suffered with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and substance abuse, Stacey also developed late-stage endometriosis at age 25. She was told she may not be able to have children and that this was a chronic condition she simply had to live with. She turned towards acupuncture, nutrition, and herbs. She sat with sacred plant medicines in ceremony settings from North America to South America. Since then, she has spent her time learning about medicinal herbs and plant knowledge from many indigenous keepers and from the plants themselves. 

The frustration she felt immersed in allopathic medicine inspired her to walk a different path. She believes one of the most empowering moments is when we discover we have the ability to heal ourselves. We just need to provide our being the necessary tools it needs to do so.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How plant medicine changed her ability to work in the ER as a travel nurse
  • Working in emergency rooms during COVID and experiencing the extreme shortcomings of the conventional medical model
  • The winding road of making her way out of the nursing profession and into a more holistic path of service as an herbalist and nutritionist   
  • Womb work and healing ancestral endometriosis with kambo and ayahuasca
  • Her experience of being in ceremony while pregnant    
  • Moon rituals and aligning with the Earth’s rhythms as an integration practice
  • Reconnecting with our natural cycles as women, treating our cycles as ceremony
  • Coming into a holistic relationship with your health with nutrition, hormone, and sleep support

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