Healing with Psychedelics



Holistic Safety and Preparation

In this module, you get a unique toolkit of safety and preparation resources all in one place, so you don’t get lost before you’ve even started. It can feel overwhelming to know where to begin, and this module gives you everything you need in one place to make a safe, informed decision about medicine that is right for you.


  • Psychedelics 101
  • Establishing readiness
  • Choosing the right medicine
  • Preparing your container to receive the experience you want

→ Learn exactly what health and safety issues to consider and which medicines and type of experiences are right for you. I will discuss risks, and dive into the most common reasons you may be seeking healing with psychedelics, providing guidance and tools to prepare you fully. 

→ Get the inside scoop on how to fully prepare yourself for a retreat, therapy session, group experience, or solo journey, so that you’ll have a crystal clear picture of everything you need to focus on in advance of meeting your psychedelic medicine teachers. 

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Self-Discovery, Intention Setting, and Cultivating Willingness

Connect deeply with yourself, your motivations, your fears, your desired outcomes, and your expectations. This module helps you lay it all out in front of you so you know WITH CERTAINTY what you want to heal and why.


  • Self-assessment 
  • What’s your why?
  • Finding clarity, identifying your healing focus
  • The art of intention
  • Cultivating willingness

Dive deep with a self-assessment so you can move into your medicine ceremonies feeling clear and confident. You’ll determine exactly where you are right now, so you can create a healing roadmap to where you want to be. 

→ Discover the power and magic of setting a healing intention for each and every ceremony. Not only will this practice supercharge your psychedelic experiences, you might even find living intentionally spilling out into every area of your life. If you ever wanted to learn how to be a real life witch or wizard, you’ll love intention setting. 

→ Get a primer on cultivating willingness to deal with whatever comes to you during your experiences. While this piece may seem less important than some of the flashier parts of this work, 77% of retreat guests say that the importance of learning to surrender is something they wish they had spent more time on in advance. 


Navigation and The Psychedelic Experience

Welcome to your psychedelic survival guide, created with love and awareness by experienced psychedelic explorers (that’s us!) We’ve got a LOT of psychedelic journeys, ceremonies, and sweat lodges under our belts, and have cared for hundreds of our family members as guides and facilitators. We know what works, and what doesn’t, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know to fully maximize your time with the medicines. 


  • Managing expectations and facing fears 
  • Ceremony, set, and setting
  • The Medicine experience
  • Navigation Tools
  • Acute Grounding and Re-Entry
  • Meeting challenges and managing disappointments

→ Unrealistic or outlandish expectations for miraculous healing in one session are the number one predictor of disappointment and upset after a psychedelic journey.  Learn to manage your expectations with a realistic and honest understanding of how the entire healing process unfolds over time, and the gifts these medicines give us days, weeks, months, and years after a single journey. 

→ Learn about the magic and meaning of sacred ceremony, how coming together as a family with the intention of healing amplifies the signal for everyone, and how ceremony and ancestral rituals offer protection, ancient knowledge and healing support. We’re getting seriously spiritual on you, and you won’t believe the magic stories we have to tell about what happens in psychedelic ceremony. 

→ Nothing is scarier than jumping into a psychedelic journey without the tools to manage and navigate your experience. This module will empower you to handle whatever comes up in your ceremonies with strength, grace, patience, and a LOT of deep breathing. Plus, we’ll guide you through dealing with challenges and difficult experiences so you feel nourished, heard, and supported. 

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Integration EARTH: Grounding, Receiving, and Examining

Now, the real work begins. Integration is the process of becoming whole, and without it, all the insights, lessons, and epiphanies you gained with the medicines will eventually slip away, just like a dream. In this module, you’ll discover why integration is the most important part of your relationship with psychedelic medicines. You’ll be guided every step of the way.


  • Introduction to integration
  • Elemental EARTH and the physical body
  • Magic Mirror Method – EXAMINE
  • Envision EARTH: Planting the seeds of your vision

→ Learn The Magic Mirror Method, a unique integration formula which will forever be in your toolbox for all your future psychedelic healing journeys. 

 → Practice deep relaxation and grounding through breathwork, meditation, yoga nidra, and experiential art sessions to fully receive and download everything you can from your ceremony.   

→ Identify areas where you can improve your physical wellness, and learn to understand the language of the medicines and your body.


Integration WATER: Processing, Feeling, and Embodiment

Here, you’ll develop a foundational skill set for processing, understanding, and yes, FEELING your feelings. As you allow, honor, feel, and release big emotions, you’ll create space within yourself for all sorts of wonderful things to sprout and grow. You’ll feel empowered to engage with your emotions in healthy ways, inviting freedom and confidence to be who you truly are. Best of all, you’ll start cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself, which will improve EVERYTHING in your life. 


  • Elemental WATER and the emotional body
  • Self-love, relationships, and embodiment
  • Magic Mirror Method – FEEL
  • Envision WATER: Watering your vision seeds

 → First off, you’ll sift through your emotional landscape, identifying what belongs to you and what doesn’t. You’ll build on the grounding work you mastered in the previous module and begin to process your full spectrum of feelings. 

 → Experience somatic embodiment, breathwork, and movement sessions to encourage trust in yourself, help you connect to and feel your emotions more deeply, all in safe and supported ways. 

 → Understand the meaning and message of emotional signals, and learn techniques to improve your emotional health and stay in your heart. 

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Integration AIR: Analyzing, Observing, and Reflecting

Now that you’re a grounded, embodied, emotionally engaged psychedelic super ninja, it’s time to level up even more. Air represents the mind, and this is where a lot of us get stuck, time and time again. Now, we take action to build the changes we want into our lives one step at a time.

It’s time to master your mindset and connect to and observe your shadow.  


  • Elemental AIR and the mental body
  • Magic Mirror Method – REFLECT
  • Envision AIR: Breathe life into your vision

→ From becoming the observer to creating a mind map to show you EXACTLY how your narratives play out, you’ll learn advanced techniques to truly understand how and why your mind behaves the way it does, and how to return to center when you don’t agree with the stories it’s telling you.

→ Identify and commit to an action plan of supportive, sustainable practices that work for you (even if you’ve never meditated or had any daily practices before, or haven’t been able to stick to them.

→ Gain the skill, tools, and confidence to master your mind, be present in the moment, experience the now, and let go of attachment.

Burning Man Temple Fire Addiction Psychedelics


Integration FIRE: Alignment, Empowerment, and Releasing

Fire is both the destroyer and the creator. This is where shit gets real. It’s time to clear out all the things that are no longer serving you and prepare yourself for a new era, where you’ll shift your focus inward and enhance your growing spiritual connection. This is where you become self-healing as you nurture your inner child and love your shadow. 


  • Elemental FIRE and the spiritual body
  • Magic Mirror Method – RELEASE
  • Envision FIRE: The Dawn of Your Inner Light

→ Recognize and honor your intrinsic value through transformational inner child and shadow work. Learn to trust yourself, the Universe, and enjoy your life through personal liberation. 

→ Shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset as you let go of achievement based value, and embrace your divine deserving in a releasing ritual.

→ Create your unique, personalized integration practice and self-care plan, laying the foundation for living in your purpose. 


Realizing Your Vision

Step 8: We are family.

It’s almost time to leave the nest, but first, let’s make certain that you’re fully prepared and equipped to succeed long beyond the end of this course. Deeply connect to your new vision for your life, and ensure that you understand all the pieces of creating this new reality for yourself. You’ll solidify the importance of being an active member of a community and getting ongoing support, whatever that looks like for you.


  • Calling in your vision
  • Mapping your firestarter
  • Navigating your spiritual path
  • How to be the medicine

→ Get crystal clear on your new vision for your life (and set yourself up for success through consistency, commitment, and compassion.)

→ Discover where your boundaries are and learn how to uphold them with graceful power.

→ Embrace your place in community, and learn to be the medicine for everyone around you, especially yourself.

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High Maintenance

Congrats! You made it, and wow, you have done some very impressive work, family! It’s time to celebrate, and the best way to do that is to keep the magic going, spreading, and growing into your life, every single day.

For some people, this is the most exciting part of the course. You’re graduating into maintenance DIY integration mode! For others, it’s scary to think of going back out there on your own and possibly losing all the progress you’ve made without your support system. 

Never fear, wherever you land on the spectrum, this final module will give you the big picture details on what to expect as you take flight and soar with purpose into your new vision. 


  • The path is a spiral: Unfolding the light within
  • The transformative power of self-care
  • Closing ceremony

 → Having raised your vibration, you’ll feel educated, alive, and empowered to continue your spiritual and healing journey.

 → Understand the phases of integration, spiritual emergence, and what to expect as you implement changes into your life going forward.

 → Give back by being in service to your community and discover how helping others is the highest gift you can give as we walk the spiritual path. 

The Ultimate Quickstart Guide to Healing with Psychedelics  -Jumpstart your journey and get inspired to connect deeply with yourself so you can begin to understand your motivations and desires around working with medicines.

How to Build a Sacred Altar – Find direction on how to create sacred spaces in your home, office, or traveling so that you have a dedicated area where you can meditate, pray, reflect, and feel connected to Spirit no matter where you are.

Love Yourself Workshop – Initially developed for acute, in-retreat integration work, my 90 minute online self-love workshop has helped countless clients step into sweetness, embrace gentleness, and treat themselves with more loving kindness. You’ll learn practical, deeply personal techniques to identify your negative thought patterns and negative self-talk, so that you can rewrite your story from within.

Healing Addiction with Psychedelics  – Do you often find yourself coping in ways you don’t like? Slipping into addictive or negative behaviors or searching outside yourself and reaching for things that don’t serve you? In this short video bonus session, we do a deep dive into addiction as a protective warning signal from your heart that something needs to change, so that you can stop making excuses, fulfill your true needs, and tap into your greatest source of power. 

3 Keys to Unlock Your Soul Mission with Plant Medicine  – Are you stuck or lost? Is pretending to have it all figured out just not cutting it anymore? Tired of doing everything yourself with no real support? Learn how to ACTUALLY feel confident and qualified to lead and hold space instead of waiting until someday when you have more (time, energy, money) to focus on yourself and your integration journey…

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