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Welcome to 2022 and Season 2 of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast! In our first episode of the new year, we’re sharing all about our psychedelic integration philosophy, our coaching philosophy, our transformation philosophy, and our life philosophy. (Hint: They’re magically all one thing!) Rise and Align is the term we use to describe how we approach working with sacred medicines in a long term and transformative way, and today we’re going to explain this process in detail for you. 


In this episode, John and Sinclair discuss…

  • The expectations you have about medicines and how they work, how they call you
  • What healing actually looks like instead is living by spiritual principles and virtues 
  • How the medicines trick you into remembering you’re a divine spirit
  • The lifetime process of aligning yourself with the messages from plant medicines
  • Symptoms as messengers – physical illness, emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, lack of direction, addictions
  • Searching for meaning, clarity, and direction isn’t the issue, this is being caused by an unmet need
  • The alarms that bring people to psychedelics and plant medicines
  • The symptom is not the problem, it’s actually the coping mechanism that your spirit has sent to you to deal with the root cause of whatever is going on
  • Being out of alignment with your spirit is the root cause of suffering
  • Believing in a higher power, a divine source, and why so many of us are disconnected from God/Source
  • The sacred psychedelic experience lifts the veil and you see that life is eternal and this is just one aspect of consciousness experiencing itself. We’re all ONE and the religion of everything is Love
  • You are not alone, you are part of a divine plan, and you are light in a physical body
  • So can you just sit in that vibration all the time and not have any symptoms and not be depressed?It can feel like that IF you do the work to align yourself and raise your own vibration every day. It’s always there
  • Programming and sinking back into the lower vibration of forgetting the mystical experience
  • Bridging the chasm between the mystical and practical, daily life is a choice
  • Why you actually don’t want the medicines to “cure” you
  • Stepping into the power that you have to choose your vibration and aligning yourself with it
  • The pink cloud that happens after the ceremony, the programming returns
  • Jealousy, judgment, anger, and old negative behaviors and attitudes pathways are strong, they have some momentum
  • People expect you to be the “old” you after medicine, so it can feel lonely to make these shifts into a new way of living and thinking
  • The idea that you have to figure it all out alone after the medicine
  • The media you consume actively tries to fill in the new path you’re digging with fear, scarcity, and lack
  • Getting support is so important as you transition and transform with medicines, rise into your new vibration, and align your life with your new awareness
  • A story about an old man and a young man in a tree chopping contest
  • Having a support system, a structure, and a foundation is invaluable on the path of rising into your potential – it’s efficient and smart to have a guide through this rite of passage experience
  • Living the life Spirit wants you to live
  • Intuition is being connected to your Highest Self
  • We are not humans with a spirit, we are Spirits having a human experience
  • The people we work with understand that we are here in this life to fulfill a greater spiritual purpose that spans incarnations and lifetimes
  • It’s ok to have material based dreams AND how can you be of service to raising the vibration of the whole?
  • If you have the privilege of working with medicines, it’s your responsibility to use it to help everyone and create more abundance for other people
  • The YOU that’s been hiding under pain and suffering is the real you, it’s the source of your power
  • What you heal in yourself, you can help other people heal. Being a healer is not about taking someone else’s pain and suffering, it’s inspiring people to stand in their own power
  • Aligning your livelihood with your heart – it’s not the work, it’s what you do with the work 
  • What are you doing every day to stay connected to your highest self? What are you doing to return to center every day? How do you take practical every day steps to call in your vision? This is what we teach in our coaching program.
  • As you come away from your medicine experience with a vision for your life, there’s a path set out in front of you, and we will walk it with you
  • After your time with us, you will feel well traveled and empowered to continue on your path with a survival kit you can take with you forever
  • Our true goal is to inspire and accompany people spiritual seekers, psychedelic visionaries, and those called to be in service in the world and to share your medicine
  • The world needs you to make your dreams real, and anything can happen in your life if you make the choice to put your resources and energy into doing it
  • The medicines are just a tool for spiritual growth

Does this resonate with you? If so, we’d love to invite you to learn more about Rise and Align, our 6 month psychedelic transformational coaching program where you’ll learn exactly how to build a conscious healing partnership with plant medicines, follow your heart, and manifest the purpose driven life your heart is calling you toward.

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