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In this episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, Sinclair is digging into shifting beliefs about money and abundance. Money is like Fight Club. The first rule is YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT MONEY. (GASP! *pearl clutch*)

Money is such a fear-filled, scarce, uncomfortable subject – especially for spiritual folks with big open hearts. Listen to this episode for some real talk about breaking your blocks around money, and how this is CRUCIAL work on your path of spirituality, psychedelic integration, and following a path of service.


Does money feel scary? Stressful? Like some mystery  you can’t understand, that rules your life in ways you don’t like? Money determines where you can live, what work you do, the kind of healthcare you get, the car you drive, and the quality of life you get to have. 
We are told that Money = Happiness. But plant medicine will start pulling on that thread and unraveling it until you confront this programming, and start asking yourself what you actually value. Money and abundance can be a magical energy that you can attract and connect with, so that you can open yourself to the Spiritual Opulence that you deserve.

  • What really makes you happy?
  • What if abundance isn’t about money at all?
  • What if it’s actually safe and spiritual to have money?
  • What would your world look like if you stopped fighting with money and started looking at it as a friend?

In this episode, Sinclair shares about:

  • The taboo of talking about money, and why it feels scary and scarce 
  • Breaking the belief system of exchanging time for money, or hours for dollars
  • Working hard doesn’t equal making money
  • Money is a vibration
  • What is the dream? Finding a way to have abundant money so that you don’t have to do things you don’t like to get money
  • Retirement is the carrot on a stick of this dream that keeps people stuck in working jobs they don’t like
  • The dream is not “get the money” it’s have the time to do the things you love
  • Time is more valuable than money
  • Money creates opportunities
  • If you are in scarcity, how are you going to hold space for other people?
  • Everyone deserves a comfortable life, and there is more than enough for everyone
  • The scarcity and competition stories are there to make us feel like we don’t have options or ability to receive abundance
  • Unpacking limiting beliefs about wealth, money, and people who have money
  • Why would the Universe give you money when you are actively resisting money?
  • Feeling superior and struggling by being spiritual, judging people from a place of self-sacrifice
  • Our value system around who is paid, who deserves money, what professions are valued, and how those in service are expected to sacrifice and be in poverty
  • What are your beliefs around service work? What are your agreements and beliefs about money?
  • The belief system of money as energy and a tool for freedom and opportunity
  • Letting go of judgment and allowing others to have their experiences with money
  • It’s spiritual and safe to have money, and we all deserve it, it’s a neutral tool 
  • Money is not love, it’s not a value of your worth as a person, the problem is the energy around the money 
  • Holding the energy of criticism, judgment, complaining, blaming, and then expecting to get money
  • The new understanding of money and abundance
  • Money is attracted by abundance and feeling good, not by working
  • What is your relationship with money? How do you relate to money? How did your experience with money come to be?
  • Why do you want money? What thought patterns and habit energy do you have around money?
  • Money is attracted by a vibration of abundance – how are you supposed to shift from lack to abundance?
  • Abundance is about EVERYTHING that is unfolding around you at all times
  • The Earth is a living gift exploding all around you
  • The lens that you view your state of affairs when you are in lack is “it’s not good enough”
  • How can you heal blocks around money? Put your attention somewhere else
  • Start appreciating and looking at what you already have
  • Money gives you freedom, opportunity, resources, options, open doors, creation
  • The path to abundance is through gratitude
  • Spending your money is ways that feel more healing and supportive of the world you want to live in
  • Spiritual Opulence: the wealth of self-care and self-love, becoming your best self, expressing at your highest capacity, sharing your medicine, and raising the vibration of the whole world
  • Trusting that Spirit has your back is true wealth, being happy where you are
  • Being called to right action
  • There is nothing more healing than joy, happiness, and feeling good – this is the most important part of healing

It’s Not Your Money – Tosha Silver

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