8 Week Winter Group

From December 21st to February 15th (8 weeks), I’m hosting a virtual winter wonderland of coziness and connection that will make you a wizard in weathering the season where a lot of people get lost, stuck, depressed, isolated, and SAD. 

And you’re invited. Let’s build a blanket fort and hide out!

Imagine nurturing yourself through the coldest months (instead of disconnecting and binge watching whatever obscure show you haven’t seen)… and having a simple, easy path to follow so you can reorient yourself inward and use this magical time to dream and imagine. 

What will unfurl from your heart in the Spring if you make this time intentional and magical instead of soggy and lonely?

Solstice Sessions will guide you on a sweet journey within, teaching you effective strategies that turn on your intuition, connect you to your unconscious mind, and invite you to stay engaged and invested so that you waltz into spring with purpose and passion – AND it’s LOW EFFORT, EASY, and FUN (because it’s winter, y’all. A hibernating bear could do this program.)

So get your hot chocolate and fuzzy slippers and hang up those twinkle lights. It’s time to lean into the season of snow and twilight and soup and listen to your heart. Because you actually have time now.


Get cozy and be soft with yourself… It’s time to dream

Solstice Sessions is an invitation to DREAM…
Inside, you’ll learn exactly how to…


learn how to live each day with intention, revive your belief in magic, trust yourself, and honor your curiosity 


join forces with Spirit, your body, your nervous system, your community, and yourself –  everything is here to help you 


reconnect to your own seasonal rhythms, your cycles, and being in harmony with Nature so you can easily live in a high vibration


ditch the hustle, learn to slow down, and prioritize your soul desire for rest and restoration 


remember the language of your body, and know exactly what you need to feel most safe, warm, and comfortable at home in yourself


 become a living sanctuary for your spiritual practice – invite yourself home into the secret rooms of  your inner temple


8 Week Program filled with spaciousness and ease, where you get to take the time you need to fully integrate and digest each morsel

 1 x 60 minute group coaching session per week – Gather with your spirit family to be seen and witnessed, to be held and to hold space, and get coaching on WHATEVER you need support with… everything is welcome!

We will meet Thursday nights at 7PM EST on Zoom beginning with a cacao and yoga nidra ceremony on the Winter Solstice

 Weekly email lessons – receive a new email each week with a sweet, easily digestible morsel for you to ponder and play with in your daily life and practice

 Private Discord Community with UNLIMITED COACHING – so that you have a 24/7 place to ask for support, share resources, get your questions answered, and connect with your fellow soul travelers between our coaching calls

→ You’ll gain a deeper resonance with Nature, the Earth, and listening to your own needs so that you feel grounded and centered in exploring your spiritual growth as a nourished and well-resourced being

 Super Secret Invites to Ceremonial Retreats (3-4 times per year) Join the inner circle and gather with us to pray, heal, and celebrate life in ceremony and community as a family 




$ 175
  • 2 Monthly Payments


$ 300
  • Save $50 when you pay in full
sinclair fleetwood psychedelic life coach asheville north carolina

“Sinclair was really responsive and provided encouragement when I was stuck in an exercise or found some of the work emotionally painful. She provided a safe space for me to cry it out when I needed to and celebrated my wins with me. Sinclair has taught me the meaning of connection and is helping me find purpose and autonomy in my life. I’m very grateful. The coursework was incredibly helpful in guiding me and helping me to develop a language for articulating what was going on with my brain and emotions. I never had that before and it has helped enormously.  “

– NR

sinclair fleetwood psychedelic life coach asheville north carolina

“I have cultivated a resiliency for encountering difficult circumstances in my life with a much greater level of ease than I would have imagined prior to this program. While I can never say that I have completely healed those areas of brokenness that I carry, I must say that this program has done a great deal to support me along that path. I’ve been able to reframe aspects of the way I’ve related to past traumas and ego identification in ways where am I able to take it all a bit less seriously and bring in a sense of spaciousness to areas where there had been constriction..” 


sinclair fleetwood psychedelic life coach asheville north carolina

“I had done therapy, meditation, and other wellness programs and was never able to truly shift my mindset. I was depressed and despondent and getting desperate. After talking to Sinclair during the initial intake session, I knew this was going to change my life. I jumped in and never looked back. Her empathy and straightforward manner drew me in and I knew I had to work with her. She is the first coach who I ever felt really “got” where I was coming from and could show me a path forward.”


sinclair fleetwood psychedelic life coach asheville north carolina

“My worldview is significantly more positive, seeing life as a gift pretty much all of the time. My trust in myself, my internal resources and guidance has grown significantly. My understanding of what is true for me has become much more clear. My love and acceptance for myself as a whole being has increased; I can see more of me without shame or guilt. There is more peace and space in my mind, heart, and body. My chest doesn’t hurt as much or as often. I better understand my needs and why I do what I do. I rarely use tech or food to cope and I am vastly more aware of why, can watch without guilt or shame, and it’s never as bad as it used to be..


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Ready to belong on purpose? It’s an inside job. Let’s celebrate the season of imagination and wonder together. 

Not sure if this is the right fit? Book a call with me below to talk it out.

I can’t wait to DREAM with you, family.



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