When the magic of your SOUL MEDICINE retreat ends, your expansion begins…

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Hi, I’m Sinclair Fleetwood, founder of Mystical Heart Collective and The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, and a certified Psychedelic Transformation Coach. 

It is my honor to partner with Our Future is Ancient to offer Soul Medicine guests the opportunity to amplify your healing and growth beyond your retreat, so that you can stay connected to Source, feel good, and truly enjoy your life. 

If you are ready...


Learn the unique step-by-step holistic framework for elevating your vibration with sacred medicines so you can CONNECT with Your Soul Mission, Follow Your HEART, and Live the MEANINGFUL Life You Are Meant For...

Your psilocybin medicine retreat is crucial (and your experience is going to be amazing!) but it's only the beginning...

What is Psychedelic Transformation

Psychedelic Integration Coaching is the compassionate process of deeply exploring, understanding, and embodying the psychedelic or mystical plant medicine experience.

It’s all the messy healing that comes from looking deep inside yourself and diving into what you find there. So that you emerge more empowered, more confident, and more in tune with your Highest Self. 

YOU, but amplified.

Integration creates TRANSFORMATION. And transformation is what you need to break through whatever inner barriers are making you feel stuck, lost, and not good enough. 

Together, we co-create a path to embody your intuition, find your personal connection to Source, and trust yourself so you can thrive and follow your soul mission.

If you’re in service, and called to plant medicines, doing your own personal inner work creates the SPIRITUAL FLOW you need to joyfully and ethically do work you love, live the dream, and experience the freedom of being fully yourself. 

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Why do plant medicines and psychedelics RADICALLY TRANSFORM some people but not others?

The simple truth is that psychedelic medicine is a tool that creates lasting changes if you’re willing to do the spiritual work beyond the ceremony or retreat. 

Become part of a community that supports your dreams of being healthy, happy, and thriving in a life you love.

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A revolutionary psychedelic transformation mentorship that will expertly guide your integration path with plant medicines so that you can be your most authentic self, call in your vision, and make an impact in the world.



and self-sabotaging behaviors so that you can stop judging and being hard on yourself and trust yourself and your intuition instead


learn how to slow down, and prioritize yourself so that you can go deeper into your inner wisdom, be fully present, and savor everything life has to offer


so that you find the true consistency you need to calm your inner critic, break negative cycles, and stay in a high vibration – even when you’re stressed, exhausted, or frustrated


and untangle your limiting beliefs so that you can feel whole and be of service at your highest possible capacity


and stay connected to the oneness you feel with the medicines so you don’t question your mission and put off living the life you really want


Does this sound like you?

  • You can access clarity with the medicine, but you’re struggling to maintain your spiritual connection or take action toward making real changes
  • You’re afraid of losing the magic – that everything will go back to how it was before the retreat – unless you take steps NOW to make a permanent change in your life
  • You’re stuck, blocked, or lost and don’t know HOW to integrate and call in the abundance you want
  • You have glimpses of a vision or purpose – but you feel afraid or unsure on how to make it your reality (and it feels isolating and overwhelming to keep doing everything on your own)
  • You know that your own personal evolution is crucial to your future success following your heart path
  • You want to fulfill your potential and make a difference in the world — you know you are meant for MORE! But you are stuck trying to figure out HOW to make changes stick, and you just don’t know what to do next…
If so, you're in the right place.


 1 x 90 minute LIVE group training per month where you will learn the most powerful, effective holistic integration strategies and tools so that you know exactly HOW to honor your integration process and explore yourself on a deeper level 

 1 x 90 minute group coaching session per month so that you can troubleshoot challenges, build community, and connect with other spirit seekers on this soul journey. Inside this family container, you will receive support in innovative new ways while you amplify your own healing and growth experience. I challenge you to be vulnerable, be seen, speak your truth, and hold sacred space for others to do the same 

 1 x 60 minute private coaching session with Sinclair to use any time during your program so that you have dedicated time and space to excavate what’s not serving you with the high level support of an experienced coach who truly understands the medicine path

 2 x 90 minute High Vibration Activation Calls (Every 3 months) so you can do a deep dive into your biggest challenges, explore your edges, and amplify your growth while rooting into fully trusting yourself and overcoming what is standing in your way

 Private Client Community Portal with UNLIMITED COACHING so that you have a 24/7 place to ask for support, share resources, get your questions answered, and connect with your fellow soul travelers between our live sessions

→ Open Your Heart Gift Box delivered to you in the mail — a HARD COPY of the essential Rise and Align program workbook with all the curriculum, exercises, and tools, as well as some other juicy goodies to get you excited about the work we are going to do together — so you can dig into the good stuff right away 

 Exclusive access to the Rise and Align digital learning library full of proven tools and strategies you can use forever so that you know exactly how navigate your psychedelic seasons, inspire your creativity, relax into your flow, and start living your dream


  • 10 Modules focused on preparation, navigation, and integration
  • 44 holistic health focused lessons rooted in spirituality and backed by science 
  • Guided meditations
  • Journaling
  • Worksheets
  • Digital ceremonies
  • Cheat sheets
  • Mind mapping
  • Breathwork
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Art therapy
  • Rituals
  • Movement
  • Templates
  • Habit trackers
  • Visioning and manifestation practices
  • Calendars…and more! 
  • Tangible tools that will provide you with in-depth knowledge so that you can stop feeling frustrated and struggling because you don’t know HOW to make the progress you really want 


 You’ll learn The Magic Mirror Method: The complete, step-by-step framework expertly guiding you through every season of your plant medicine evolution so that you know exactly how to make progress and get the real breakthroughs you want, even if you feel stuck, burned out, or overwhelmed

 You’ll stay connected to a medicine family of experienced psychedelic guides supporting you with proven tools, skills, and practices you can use FOREVER so that you never jump into a psychedelic experience without a parachute again

You’ll gain a deeper connection to the Earth, the elements, and your own inherent gifts so that you feel grounded and centered in exploring your spiritual growth as an upleveled leader


Sacred Psychedelics Preparation Intensive – a holistic, spiritual self-study preparation program that shows you exactly how to build a conscious relationship with psychedelics from the start, so you can focus on answering the call to work with plant medicine without wasting more time and energy trying to figure out how to do it all on your own.

The Ultimate Quickstart Guide to Healing with Psychedelics  – Jumpstart your journey and get inspired to connect deeply with yourself so you can begin to understand your motivations and desires around working with medicines.

How to Build a Sacred Altar – Find direction on how to create sacred spaces in your home, office, or traveling so that you have a dedicated area where you can meditate, pray, reflect, and feel connected to Spirit no matter where you are.

Love Yourself Workshop – Initially developed for acute, in-retreat integration work, our 90 minute online self-love workshop has helped countless clients step into sweetness, embrace gentleness, and treat themselves with more loving kindness. You’ll learn practical, deeply personal techniques to identify your negative thought patterns and negative self-talk, so that you can rewrite your story from within.

Healing Addiction with Psychedelics  – Do you often find yourself coping in ways you don’t like? Slipping into addictive or negative behaviors or searching outside yourself and reaching for things that don’t serve you? In this short video bonus session, we do a deep dive into addiction as a protective warning signal from your heart that something needs to change, so that you can stop making excuses, fulfill your true needs, and tap into your greatest source of power. 

3 Keys to Unlock Your Soul Mission with Plant Medicine  – Are you stuck or lost? Is pretending to have it all figured out just not cutting it anymore? Tired of doing everything yourself with no real support? Learn how to ACTUALLY feel confident and qualified to lead and hold space instead of waiting until someday when you have more (time, energy, money) to focus on yourself and your integration journey…

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“I definitely recommend Sinclair and John! They are both extremely compassionate beings with incredible wisdom and experiential knowledge. Their vulnerability made me feel very comfortable and I was able to take a lot of insight away from this program that will assist me going forward in my own journey.💜


plant medicine preparation plant medicine coach psychedelic integration coach

“Throughout my time with Sinclair and John, I felt safe, seen, and honored. They saw me on a deeper level while also listening to my words and empathizing with my human experience. This has allowed me to receive the messages from my higher self and then have support in putting them into realistic action.

I deeply appreciate Mystical Heart Collective’s support in my life. I highly recommend all of their offerings to all who are interested in efficient and grounded spiritual evolution.”


plant medicine preparation plant medicine coach psychedelic integration coach

“After working this program I feel more spiritually connected to the universe and the world around me. I have a better understanding of what it means to heal from plant medicine and I am excited to sit in more ceremonies with this newly acquired knowledge.


Mystical Heart Collective Testimonials
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“John and Sinclair are a wonderful team and they are both exceptional leaders. They celebrate people and help to bring them together. They both have beautiful reverence for the Sacred and a great sense of humour. Their dedication to service is clear by the amount of their lives they have offered towards supporting others (and also healing themselves!)

Together John and Sinclair make a grounded and stable team who will go to the depths with you and respect whatever you discover down there, and also help you to find your way back.”


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“Thank you for your unconditional support, guidance, and love. I hold the two of you close to my heart and am grateful for our relationship. Thank you for listening. Thank you for putting the time in yourselves to heal. I know you can always relate to the things I’m going through and can guide me where I want to go. Your uncanny ability to present new ways of seeing myself is truly the best medicine. Thank you for helping me integrate these profound, sometimes overwhelming experiences into my life. Couldn’t have done it alone.”

-ALEX B.   

plant medicine preparation plant medicine coach psychedelic integration coach

“Sinclair is a loving, kind, beautiful soul who truly gives her all when it comes to helping with the healing of every soul she encounters, because she is always willing to do the healing within herself. As someone who has worked side by side with Sinclair, when it comes to taking and integrating sacred medicine, I can say that she walks a path of humbleness, grace, and willingness to support anyone who might need help on their journey by being a beautiful companion, and most importantly, a friend. I highly recommend working with her!”


plant medicine preparation plant medicine coach psychedelic integration coach

“Sinclair and John are one of the most authentic duos to get the blessing to convene with. They speak from a place of direct experience through shadows of addiction and trauma to be able to shine light onto others’ experiences. Their energies act as a comforting hand to hold.

John’s gentle, yet strong demeanor matched with Sinclair’s feisty confidence provides the perfect whirlwind of nurturement to heal by. They both have opened doors for me for my own path and it is an honor to call them family.”


Frequently Asked Questions

In-depth coaching and real transformation requires an investment of time, energy, and money.

The full investment and payment options are shared at the end of our session together so that we can discuss the options in person. My Soul Medicine Connection Coaching Calls are offered in service at no cost to you. 

What have you got to lose?

My enrollment process is trauma-informed, easy, and fun. I don’t believe in pressure or scarcity tactics. 

I don’t list my prices here because I want you to fully engage with the feeling you will get by doing this for yourself without money being THE deciding factor. 

Yes, money is a scary thing for big-hearted, spiritual people. I struggled with it for years. But please don’t stop yourself from booking a call because you’re afraid of the money piece. Let’s talk about it! 

(Also, listen to this podcast if you want some help shifting your beliefs about money and abundance.)

I will be facilitating with John at Soul Medicine February 12 – 19, 2023. We will not be at the other retreats in person.

It is my pleasure to offer integration support for any Soul Medicine retreat. You will be in great hands, as all the space holders are wonderful!

My website is the best place to learn more about Mystical Heart Collective, who we are, (I am the founder and I collaborate with my partner John and other facilitators) and healing with psychedelics. I host a podcast called The Psychedelic Integration Podcast where I share tools, education, and understanding around integration work. There are dozens of videos, blogs, and posts on Instagram and Facebook that can help you get to know us better. You can also email me anytime!

Yes! I will be there supporting you throughout your experience, and you’ll have access to my full online course library walking you through every step of your journey. I am also available in our Discord group for coaching between calls. 

This program is for people in any season of your of their journey with plant medicines and who want to build a solid preparation foundation, focus on integration, and get real results that last. You do not need to have previous experience to work with me inside this container. 

Absolutely, yes. I spend a great deal of time teaching about WHY and HOW using psychedelics with the intention of healing is so incredibly powerful, and more meaningful than hoping for insights and breakthroughs as a recreational user. You’ll learn all about sacred ceremony, spirituality, and intention — plus so much more. 

Wonderful! Whether you want to be a retreat facilitator, integration coach, or use plant medicines in other ways in your dream business, feeling called to work with psychedelics professionally is a big responsibility.

Keep in mind that becoming knowledgeable and experienced with psychedelic integration and plant medicines is not a quick and easy process. The wise, safe, and ethical way to work with medicines is to sit with them as much as possible yourself prior to jumping into a psychedelic career. For example, in the tradition our teachers come from, it generally takes more than a decade of apprenticeship and serving in various roles before someone would be given the blessing to carry medicines, and often it takes much longer. This work is a lifelong path, and its important to know that going in.

Learn from the plants, sit in ceremonies with elders, shamans, and teachers you respect. Find a work exchange program or internship opportunity where you can experience as many ceremonies as possible, being of service and helping out in whatever support areas are needed. Volunteer with your local psychedelic society and get involved in your community. 

Besides building a deep personal relationship with medicines through personal experience, it is vital to focus on doing your own integration work, and this should be a priority for any psychedelic practitioner throughout their career. Invest in integration coaching and development programs, not just for your business, but for your own personal evolution. 

The plants and medicines are the best teachers. If you want to be a psychedelic professional, we deeply believe it is crucial to BE a plant medicine person who is doing your own personal growth work. Everything you do to grow within yourself will only make you better at whatever line of work you choose.  

Rise and Align is a perfect psychedelic transformation program for people who are interested in becoming coaches themselves, or who are pursuing psychedelics or spiritual wellness as a career field. I love working with future coaches, healers, and spiritual  professionals!

I advise setting aside 2-4 hours per week to work on your program. This includes time for calls, videos, activities, and checking in with the online community. 

I know life is busy and this program is designed to work around your schedule and meet you where you are, so you are never behind. Every journey with integration is different, and however you do yours is the right way.

If you’re like me, plant medicines radically transformed your life, including the work you feel called to do. Starting a spiritual or psychedelic business or practice can feel overwhelming, especially when you aren’t focusing on giving YOURSELF the time, care, and integration work you need to have a full cup to serve your clients.

I’ve been there. It feels scary to invest in your own personal growth on top of everything you’re doing for your business. But trust me on this, deepening your personal connection to the work you’re doing inside your own life will uplevel your business, relationships, money, and opportunities. 

I created Rise and Align to teach my clients exactly how to find your own true path with psychedelics so that you can stand in your power and share your gifts with the world. 

This program was literally made for healers, spiritual seekers, psychedelic practitioners, coaches, and wellness leaders of all varieties. I love working with you so that you can thrive in your life and your work and help as many people as possible. 

You will have access to your digital portal with the entire Rise and Align digital course library during your program time with me. When your program ends, you will no longer have access to the digital assets provided. 

I want you to be fully satisfied with me and my offering, which is why I require an application to move forward in the process. Once I receive your application, I will invite you to book a free personal connection call with me so that we can discuss the program and your questions one-on-one. 

I believe in building solid personal relationships with each of my clients, and I know this program is not for everyone. That’s why I talk one-on-one with you in advance to make sure it’s a perfect fit on both sides. 

If I don’t feel that my program will work for you and truly transform your life, I won’t invite you to join. I want you to feel equally certain about working with me, and I know it can feel stretchy to invest in yourself. 

However, I am very confident that my program over-delivers in every way. For that reason, I ask that you be extra sure before joining, because I do not offer refunds once your contract has been signed.

You can refer to the refund policy for more information.

Have more questions? Something I didn’t cover? Email your questions to me or apply and ask me in person.


I can’t wait to guide you through this program so you can live your vision…

Healing with plant medicine and psychedelics has literally transformed my life. 

I’ve experienced firsthand what it feels like to transition from a painful, unfulfilled life where addiction and shame was my daily companion, to living an empowered, fulfilled, joyous, high vibration life doing meaningful work that I absolutely love, and that makes a positive impact on everyone around me.

More than anything, I want to share the gift of transforming with sacred plant medicines with you.

Experience the freedom, joy, abundance, and awareness that following your heart with psychedelics can provide. And take big, tangible steps toward going after the spiritually driven life you really want. 

Whether that’s starting your own coaching business, becoming a full time healer, or following the medicine path as a facilitator. From attracting the relationship you’ve always dreamed of to manifesting money so you can own your dream home, to being a better friend, parent, or spouse… the possibilities are unlimited. 

The most important change that will happen is that you will find more self-love, self-respect, and self-awareness so that your cup runs over and you can share yourself and your gifts with everyone you love. 

We are at the forefront of a healing revolution, as we step into the power of our sacred plant teachers and earth medicines to unlock the divinity within each of us. Should you choose to accept our invitation, we personally guarantee that this course will be life changing for you and your family. 

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Rise and Align.

All my best,


Become an Empowered Spiritual Warrior
Join Rise and Align today!

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