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Christiana Schelfout is a healing artist raised between Portugal and New York by an Irish American mother and a German father. She lived firstly in the wild, windswept Algarve, and then in the lush Long Island suburbs. Communion with nature and self-expression through song, dance, art, and theater were her basis for self-regulation and expansion. 

At 20, a call for healing brought her to the study and practice of classical yoga and tantra. In traveling to the origins of global spiritual traditions and connecting with her ancestry, she was awakened to the world of spiritual herbalism and ceremony. These traditions led her down a path of inquiry into the healing potential of the descension process, devotion to the body, earth and mother. This was supported by studying matriarchal histories, women’s health and birth. 

Today, through the support of her community, she shares the experience of soul directed living, healing and wellbeing. Christiana carries the embodied experience of recovering from mental and physical illness. In 2018, after five years of community based offerings, she spent four years creating and then leading the yoga and retreat programs at Shou Sugi Ban House, a multidimensional wellness center in New York. Over a decade of student-ship and work experience in holistic healing and curation support the vision of Animate Healing. 

Christiana is currently traveling in service to her heart, curating immersive experiences and working with clients one-on-one. Her work has been featured in Marie Claire, Hemispheres, The Telegraph, Haute Living and Departures.

What you’ll learn about from this episode:

  • Christiana’s journey into yoga, meditation, and seeking personal healing and happiness through traveling the world learning about spiritual healing modalities
  • Becoming liberated from the belief she had a “bad voice” through being exposed to wild mantra in India
  • How sound invites you to be present and located in time and place
  • Sound healing in the body through vibration, working outside the realm of the mind
  • The instruments of sound healing that emulate Nature, and attuning your attention to the sounds of the Earth
  • Exploring the concept of patience – appreciating and being present in the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • Nothing is for sure
  • Allowing yourself to be with the richness in this moment
  • How patience, surrender, and acceptance are related and build your capacity
  • Connecting with the feeling instead of the thing to manifest good things
  • Finding the healing arts as a path of creating wellness in herself
  • The immense, beautiful mystery of being in a female body
  • The epidemic of undernourished women that shows up in our capacity to express, create, relate, and enjoy
  • Ending 20 years of vegetarianism and learning how to nourish herself
  • Looking for big sisters as role models and teachers
  • The beautiful capacity of women to bring life into the world
  • The things we have lost as women around birth, matriarchy, and connection to the land
  • Coming back into partnership with your moon cycle
  • Animate Healing, Alchemy of Clarity 
  • Embodying the healing that you want for yourself and sharing that in relationship, business, and in community  


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