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Did you know that surrender is your secret psychedelic superpower? Find out how this one skill is actually one of the most important strategies you can learn on the plant medicine path. Practicing surrender starts before you ever sit in a ceremony, as you learn to release your expectations, and open yourself to a new way of life that is better than anything you could have imagined. Surrender as a spiritual practice goes far beyond getting through a psychedelic experience, and grows exponentially helpful as a tool you can use throughout your entire life in literally every situation! It’s such a versatile and beautiful way to relate to yourself and the world around you. Today on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we are talking all about the secret power of surrender and how you can use it right now to bring more peace, happiness, and joy into your life.  

In this episode, Sinclair and John explore:

  • Defining surrender – accepting the flow of everything, things as they are and the direction that they’re heading in
  • Surrender in the context of conflict
  • Surrender is an act of power and strength, not an apathetic act, not an act of giving up
  • Stopping the act of striving
  • Striving, struggling, hustling, and competing are glorified in our society
  • We actually live in a cooperative society where everything is interdependent
  • Why people come to plant medicine and psychedelics – you’ve done everything “right” but it’s still not working
  • How does plant medicine bring surrender into your life?
  • Surrendering on the path of preparation to work with medicines – letting go of stories, expectations, control
  • Walking into the mystery – it is infinite and unknown, it is not possible to understand EVERYTHING fully, and that’s ok
  • How the medicine teaches you about surrender and HOW to do it in the felt experience
  • Going into your trauma, surrendering to feeling what is coming up
  • Resistance is not surrendering
  • Fighting, pushing it away, flopping, struggling in your body and praying for it to be over
  • A “bad trip” is this feeling of powerlessness to stop a horrible psychedelic experience – surrender is the best tool to 
  • Having no more fight left or reaching exhaustion is a great way to find the ability to surrender
  • You have to go through the difficult and uncomfortable feelings of fighting with yourself and the medicine to understand how to do this
  • What happens in the ceremony expands out into your entire life
  • Surrender makes room for relief, rest, and reflection from a place of safety
  • Fighting with the world creates a pessimistic vibration within you
  • Cosmic REALITY (Things as they are) vs. the reality you create in your mind
  • Everything is always working out for me
  • Surrender is allowing the beautiful bounty of the Creator to reach you
  • Healing is a receptive state, you have to be in a receiving mode to heal
  • How healing transforms into expansion
  • Surrendering your ego to Spirit, surrender as a lifestyle and philosophy
  • Offering your burdens to Source
  • Surrender is not giving up your emotional sovereignty, it’s allowing Divine Intelligence to flow through you
  • True flow means you are no longer cutting yourself off from Source
  • Finding wholeness in yourself, making space to receive, letting go of where you are
  • Non-attachment, flowing with what is
  • What can you give over to Spirit? 
  • Complaining
  • Looking for the lesson, the benefit in every situation
  • Surrendering to Love, Peace, Gratitude, Appreciation
  • You are not alone, you are part of everything
  • Surrender is a prerequisite for miracles 

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