Every year on February 20th, people come together all over the world in a shared wave of gratitude to say….THANK YOU PLANT MEDICINE! Like so many of you, intentional healing with plant medicines gave us a new awareness of what it means to live a spiritual human life. This year, we were inspired to go beyond the plant medicine experience and share a deeper message of hope and transformation. This week’s episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast offers an intimate and vulnerable look at our personal Thank You Plant Medicine integration stories. We’re opening up about what comes after the medicine… the messy parts of becoming whole and coming home to yourself. Facing fear, chronic pain, criticism, anger, and more. And how we continue to do our own personal spiritual evolution through our relationship with plant medicines and our coaching practice. 

In this episode, Sinclair shares about…

  • Defining integration, embodying your plant medicine experiences
  • Her most important lessons from working with the plants
  • Becoming aware of emotions and leaning into them, digging into fear, anxiety, and pain
  • Chronic pain and anxiety as a physical manifestation of fear
  • Taking personal responsibility for creating your own suffering
  • Choosing to view your life through a new lens of empowerment instead of trauma and being a victim
  • “Now you have to go forth and heal yourself.”
  • How Covid created The Hermit conditions for deep self-exploration
  • Mindbody regulation, constant fight or flight system being turned on, finding safety 
  • Breath, meditation, morning routines, creating a vibration of joy, peace, and calm
  • How fear hijacks your life, your mind, your emotions, your body, and your vibration
  • Calling in what you want to feel instead
  • Breathing and self-regulating
  • Whatever you resist persists
  • Learning to train your brain to stop being afraid of pain
  • People pleasing, taking on other people’s issues, perfectionism, and being a “good person”
  • Approaching service through doing your own personal healing 
  • Why having support from a coach is amazing
  • The simple shift from fear to trust, from anxiety to calm

And John shares about…

  • Taking personal responsibility for everything in his life
  • Becoming aware of holding the vibration of judgment, criticism, and anger
  • The process of becoming aware over time
  • The jarring experience of seeing something ugly within yourself
  • How the vibration of what you don’t want changes over time as you integrate
  • Can I watch this and not identify with it?
  • Watering thoughts with your attention
  • Expressing the criticism is giving it life, beating yourself up is getting wrapped up in it
  • Just observing the energy and saying I SEE YOU 
  • The physical feelings of anger and judgment
  • Cause and effect is not actually what you think
  • How the Creator only makes good people
  • We are our most fantastic art project
  • Transforming fear into love in your own life, just that is a lot of work
  • Whatever shows up in your life IS the path
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