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Thank You Plant Medicine (#ThankYouPlantMedicine) is an annual global campaign designed to encourage people whose lives have been changed by plant medicine to share their stories of transformation and gratitude, and to help end the stigma around the use of psychedelics. We are devoting two episodes of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast to sharing our personal stories of how plant medicine has radically changed and enhanced our lives. On this week’s podcast episode, John Steiner shares his personal story of finding authenticity, connecting to his heart, and transforming his relationships. He speaks about his personal experiences with ayahuasca and San Pedro, and shares about healing his relationship with himself, which in turn has led to a good relationship with the rest of life. 
Healing Relationships with Plant Medicine

This year’s TYPM theme is sharing how plant medicine has helped transform one of your relationships. Well, I can’t think of a single relationship in my life that plant medicine hasn’t impacted. I’ve come to understand that every relationship is a reflection of the relationship I have with myself. As I work to meet myself with more love, compassion, and understanding, it opens the door for me to meet the world the same way. I learned that so much of my troubles with life have been just a need for more love. I came to the plants with a pessimistic outlook on the world, and an overly critical attitude towards myself. Plant medicine has helped me learn to soften my inward gaze. I’m learning that I’m doing the best I can in each moment. The more I see myself in that light, the more I look out on the world through a similar lens.

When I can remember that everyone is doing the best they can in each moment, I can relax. I look out (and in) and see a world full of hope and possibility. We are all children of The Light who are learning, growing, and evolving. It feels so much better to view the world this way. Plant medicine has helped me to reclaim my power to choose my perspective. I’m definitely not perfect at it. I often fall back into old ways of viewing the world and myself. The difference now is I can feel it. When I am out of alignment with my purpose of being loving, it becomes immediately apparent that something is off.  I am in touch with my feelings more than I ever have been, and when I’m off, I know it. I get to choose whether I continue in judgement and being critical, or shift into compassion and understanding.

The master plants have offered me perspectives that make that choice easier and easier. They have shown me that I am an integral part of The Whole, and that every living being is equally as integral. We are all members of the One Family.  When I am able to remember this fact, my natural response is to treat everything with love. The more I am able to make this choice, the more beautiful the world, and my life in it, becomes.

So, Thank You Plant Medicine, for helping me to heal my relationship to myself, mend my relationships with all those in my life, and allowing me to get in a good relationship with The Life Principle that flows through all things! I know the healing has just begun, and there is so much to look forward to.

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