The art of appreciation is a powerful practice you can use to elevate your vibration and lift your mood out of the gutter. But it’s often a lot more difficult than it sounds. When you feel stuck in lack, like you don’t have control over anything, and nothing seems to be going your way, how do you just decide to be grateful and appreciate everything around you? Today’s episode digs into the stuckness that we all feel sometimes, and offers you 3 questions to ask so that you can shift into a more beneficial mindset full of appreciation and bounty.


In this episode, Sinclair discusses:

  • Getting bogged down in stuckness on the spiritual path, especially after starting to work with medicine
  • Asking yourself “Why did I choose this?!?” is totally normal
  • Managing your expectations, letting go of timelines, and allowing things to unfold as they are
  • Getting discouraged and feeling stuck is part of the path, sometimes it gets worse before it gets better
  • It doesn’t happen overnight, awakening is a messy process of evolution
  • Allowing things to be a mess, putting down the resistance, the perfectionism, the expectations
  • The more we resist things we don’t like, the longer they stick around
  • The best version of yourself has flaws
  • One of the quickest ways to bring yourself out of a funk, a stuck place is appreciation
  • The fallacy of the cause and effect order
  • What happens when you focus on the vibration of lack  
  • The more you worry about not having, the more fear you have in your body
  • Appreciation is a special state of awareness and being to shift your thoughts and attention
  • How medicine snaps us out of this feeling by showing us a felt experience of love, connection, and what matters to you
  • Moving you out of your head and into your heart
  • Stop looking at what you don’t have, and start putting your attention on what you do have
  • Savoring what you have, thinking about waking up and just reveling in everything that is going your way
  • Appreciating the little things in your life
  • We are here to appreciate what is, to engage and interact and experience our humanity 
  • It’s possible to appreciate something you don’t love 
  • Growing in appreciation of my body, its wisdom, how it’s always talking to me, how it’s always sharing what it needs
  • Putting some gentle discipline around my body and my health
  • Sometimes appreciation is putting in time and energy and effort into caring for something
  • Action that comes from appreciation vs. action that comes from lack
  • Too blessed to be stressed is a vibe, it’s a way of being 
  • Being in a place of hope, solution seeking, being open to the fire that’s in you that’s ready to change
  • Using triggers to your advantage
  • 3 questions to ask yourself when you feel stuck and spun out in the “how”
  • Appreciating your own patterns and perceived flaws
  • Appreciation is a way to be soft externally and internally
  • Self-appreciation, talking sweet to yourself, celebrating your wins
  • Appreciation as a catalyst for creativity
  • It’s the fastest way to get yourself in a positive mindset for receiving   
  • Looking at Nature to teach you, and appreciating being alive and everything that has come together to make this all possible
  • Gratitude vs appreciation 
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