Do you feel like no matter what you do or what practices you implement or how hard you try, you never REALLY feel satisfied? Does it always feel like there is some problem to fix or dragon to slay? Have you ever considered that you might be oriented toward suffering because that’s what feels safe? What if you could learn the cure for perpetual dissatisfaction and finally give yourself permission to thrive and be free? The thing is, modern society is designed to make it impossible for you to feel good.

You are constantly being bombarded with messages of lack, planting a forest of confusion inside your mind that tells you no matter what you do, what you have, or how much you accomplish… it’s just not THE THING THAT WILL FINALLY MAKE YOU HAPPY. You can check all the “supposed to” boxes and still feel like nothing is ever actually okay. (Because the programmed path isn’t cutting the mustard for people who are waking up. We know materialism, hustling, and looking outside ourselves for meaning is a soulless pursuit that leads to catastrophic emptiness.)

In this episode, I’m digging into this ultra-common and ever prevalent feeling of impending doom that has so many highly sensitive and gifted spiritual people feeling hopeless and ready to give up. And I’ll share what you can do instead of hiding your beautiful weirdness so no one can make you feel bad about being you.

In this episode, Sinclair shares about:

  • The origin of perpetual dissatisfaction and why it’s “normal” to feel unhappy
  • Why are so many people being diagnosed with illnesses, reaching for coping mechanisms, and dealing with health issues?
  • This system is collapsing because the way we are living in our current society is not sustainable
  • Being hypersensitive in a broken system, and waking up to your responsibility to make change
  • The only way to feel happy, whole, and connected is inside yourself
  • The dysregulation of our bodies, emotions, and mental states due to lacking basic, simple necessities for life on this planet
  • We are addicted to our suffering
  • Having trouble celebrating wins, being in problem solving mode, and looking outward for solutions to feel better
  • Following the rules, being programmed to become a good little consumer and cog in the system
  • A story about waiting for retirement
  • Feeling hopeless and despair and what’s the point? is where we lose a lot of people
  • Recognizing that you are oriented toward what is wrong instead of what is right
  • Bliss bunny content to help you feel better when you are spiraling
  • How to move away from feeling like you don’t have any power
  • Answering the call to sit with plant medicine
  • Healing has to stop being about fixing, because you are not broken
  • Come into partnership and relationship with yourself
  • You are your purpose
  • Creating your path of sacred devotion
  • Stop outsourcing your happiness and sovereignty
  • Recognizing the difference between being grounded and being in panic mode
  • Practicing trusting yourself
  • Shifting your belief system to hope and possibility
  • The Universal dream of living close to the land, making a simple life
  • Downsizing the driver of the dissatisfaction, letting go of attachment of not having
  • Learning to fall in love with the life that you already have
  • Looking inward and finding that the grass is green where you are 
  • Getting support

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