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The joy of missing out, or JOMO, is the hot, sexy, good feeling, “I’m a badass” antithesis to fear of missing out (FOMO). It’s about practicing self-trust, self-confidence, intuition, and following the beat of your own drum. It’s knowing that you can’t miss out on something you are meant to experience. It’s taking pleasure in your own path, and relishing the small moments that life has to offer you each and every day. JOMO is a vibe of following your own bliss. And today we’re going to get into how to make the shift to choosing joy and love over fear.

In this episode, Sinclair shares about:

  • FOMO, fear of missing out is essentially a lack of belonging
  • JOMO, the joy of missing out, when you trust yourself and lean into your inner power
  • JOMO comes up as a choice of a different mindset on the medicine path
  • Beginning to question your belief system, your values, and your mindset as you expand on the medicine path
  • Example of me not attending the MAPS Psychedelics and Science Conference
  • Getting a gut feeling, feeling resistance in the body is a clue to something not being for you
  • You can feel JOMO in yourself, AND be excited for other people to have their experiences
  • JOMO is a choice and often is accompanied by some FOMO as well, especially as you are learning to choose joy over fear
  • The importance of science as the language of trying to understand God 
  • Choosing your path, leaning into the joy of missing out, and putting both feet into the spiritual path, the medicine path, the healing path
  • Trusting your own vibe, your medicine, and your heart
  • Starting to check in with your body, tuning into the subtle language of your body and nervous system
  • Most of our behaviors, beliefs, and what drives our actions are unconscious
  • Paying attention to how it feels in your body and heart
  • Learning how to tune into glimmers, the opposite of triggers
  • Glimmers are little signals of joy that come in the hundreds every day
  • You can choose how you feel and where you put your attention
  • The monkey mind, the inner voice, the Default Mode Network and when it is activated
  • Meditation as a way you can start to become the master of your monkey mind
  • Using psychedelics to turn off the inner critic, to choose love over fear
  • Changing things a little bit at a time, making small changes and being consistent
  • Choosing to trust yourself over whatever is going on outside of you
  • Taking joy and savoring little moments, doing alchemy all day every day

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