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The Mindful Shaman is a new podcast hosted by Ace Wall that discusses all things abundance, wellness, health, Shamanism, and growth. We recently had the pleasure of joining Ace for an episode discussing Healing with Psychedelics. 

In this episode, we talk with Ace about:

  • How we got into this work in Ecuador after managing an Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreat center
  • How Mystical Heart Collective was born to create a bridge for people healing with psychedelics  to find community, support, education, and integration coaching
  • Our ideal clients – people who are ready to become empowered self-healers using psychedelics as tools
  • How the science behind psychedelic healing empowers spirituality
  • Connecting with the spirits of the plants vs. working with synthetic compounds
  • Sustainability of plant medicines
  • Ceremony, intention, prayer, and daily practices we use in our own psychedelic healing work
  • Bad trips and difficult experiences
  • Shamans, shamanism, and things we’ve learned from our medicine teachers
  • Medicine family, chosen family, and the closeness and connection created by plant medicines
  • And so much more!
Thanks to Ace for having us on the show. Mystical Heart Collective aims to be the bridge that helps people truly make the transformative changes they want to see in their lives by working with plant medicines. It was a fun talk, and we hope you like it!

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