The new moon is all about planting seeds, setting intentions, and manifesting goals. And we couldn’t think of a better celestial time to announce the arrival of our new weekly series – The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, a conversation all about the complete journey through healing with psychedelics. Each week Sinclair will discuss psychedelic integration, plant medicines, entheogens, intentional healing, and sacred ceremony – offering coaching, insights, education, and sharing knowledge about how psychedelic integration is the key to lasting change and growth. I’ll also invite my medicine friends to join me from time to time! Podcasts are awesome, and I am excited to share this new content stream with you each week, and to explore all the facets of healing in an organic and fun platform.


Listen to My First Episode

In our first episode of The Psychedelic Integration PodcastPsychedelic Integration: The Key to Lasting Change and Growth, you’ll get to know psychedelic integration coach and retreat Sinclair Fleetwood, and she’ll discuss the definition of psychedelic integration, and talk about why it’s the true key to creating lasting change and growth. She’ll cover how community and support are integral components to a full healing experience with psychedelics, and why finding your tribe is is the best way to amplify the power of psychedelics.

There’s so much attention put on what happens during the medicine experience, that the comparatively unsexy (yet radically important) work of EVERYTHING that happens after the ceremony or retreat is often forgotten, ignored, or avoided. Integration is a very personal, non-linear, often lifelong process, and looks completely different for every individual. It can look like a shift in priorities, focus, and intention on both a small and large scale. It can be as simple as feeling called to change daily habits and take better care of yourself, and it can be an intense pull to face and heal deep wounds or trauma.

For some people, integration includes a calling to fulfill a purpose, an igniting of a passion, or the acceptance that a job, relationship, or previous way of life is no longer possible or desirable. So often we integrate using discernment of what we don’t want in our lives, releasing that which no longer serves us. It is the space we create for ourselves to transform, grow, and change.

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