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This week we’re exploring the concept of The Sacred Witness. The Observer. The nonjudgmental higher self that lives deep in the center of each of us. It’s the presence in us, the calm, wise, sage part of us who’s just watching all this. Abraham Hicks calls it your Inner Being. You might hear it called your Highest Self. It’s the sacred, holy, all-knowing, almighty, All-That-Is part of you. The part that can see everything, that knows everything, and that is free from attachment, worry, or blame. 

The sacred witness is like having your own mentor observing all that unfolds within and around you. Nudging you to detach from ego and identify with your higher consciousness.

In this episode, you’ll learn about all the ways the sacred witness guides us through life’s twists and turns. It’s about being present, accepting, and lovingly observing yourself without judgment. Through this practice, we navigate the murky waters of change, integrating old patterns with newfound wisdom. So, if you’re seeking spiritual growth, hop on board the sacred witness train—it’s a gentle, yet profound journey toward wholeness and authenticity.


What you’ll learn about from this episode:

  • Why I use the word sacred so much
  • Defining the Sacred Witness, the holy All-That-Is part of you
  • The purpose of practicing sacred witness energy 
  • How to recognize the Sacred Witness when it’s showing up for you
  • Cultivating a non-judgmental awareness without having to change it
  • The human need to be seen and to receive reflection 
  • Why killing your ego is not the answer
  • Being embodied, whole, and grounded is the only true way to expand  
  • Cultivating presence and mindfulness
  • Manifesting what you think about, witnessing yourself in destructive creation
  • Radical allowance, self-acceptance, and acceptance of others
  • Spirit is the ultimate Sacred Witness
  • Going from the old way to the new way, The Sacred Bridge of Transition

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