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Addiction is a monster. It steals your money. Your time. Your dignity. Your health. Your love. Your presence. It is a false friend that leaves you in a perpetual state of disconnection, suffering, and despair. I believe addiction is one of the most difficult challenges to heal in the human experience. It ravages everything in its wake, and our current model of support isn’t working. So many people are finding their way to plant medicine and psychedelics in desperation to be liberated from the pain of addiction.

In this episode, I’m sharing vulnerable scenes from my personal journey of soul liberation from a life of addiction and self-destruction to finding healing, self-love, and purpose. The truth about overcoming addiction is that it’s only the first step in repairing your relationship to Spirit and with yourself. 

You are the only one who can decide you’ve had enough. But what if it was also your teacher? Your healer? Addiction is healable. It is overcomeable.  It’s your own personal portal into a deep spiritual transformation that will show you your purpose and give your life new meaning. Come with me on a journey of hope and healing as we walk through the valley of the shadow with addiction and find our way back to the light.

What you’ll learn about from this episode:

  • The raw truth about my own journey from addiction and dysfunction to healing and empowerment
  • The underlying causes and manifestations of addiction, including trauma and a lack of spiritual connection
  • The importance of addressing the root causes of addiction through inner work, healing, and integration
  • Insights into alternative approaches to addiction recovery, including the role of plant medicine and psychedelics
  • The transformative power of healing, self-love, and spiritual connection in creating a life filled with magic and synchronicity
  • Why you have to prioritize healing trauma 
  • The need to get some space from the addiction before engaging in medicine work like ayahuasca or mushrooms
  • Acknowledging the shame, guilt, and loss that addiction brings, and offering a softer understanding
  • When it’s time to get your shit together, take responsibility, and make the decision to change 
  • Gather your spirit squad: Nature, community, connection, professional help
  • Why self-sabotage is actually self-protection
  • Expert self-concept, self-forgiveness, and cultivating self-love
  • You can heal addiction forever when you’re ready to!

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