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The ugly truth about stress is that everyone hates it and it’s making us sick in a serious way. Stress looks different for everyone, and in this episode of The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we are painting a picture of modern life that feels like treading water, where everything is about to go under.
So many of our clients report feeling exhausted, angry, depressed, anxious, and under resourced to handle daily life. Put simply, stress is physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension. This daily struggle inside is seriously taxing the spiritual life that so many people long to experience. We’re stressed and we don’t know how to handle it. Sacred plant medicines and psychedelics are calling more and more people toward living life in a different way, and they can teach you ways to manage stress so that you feel at ease and healthy instead of overwhelmed and frustrated.


In this episode, Sinclair and John share about:
  • A day in the life of almost everyone in modern life, plugged into The Matrix- going nonstop, on autopilot, living out of obligation instead of living in your soul purpose
  • The ugly truth about stress: how negative stress manifests as burnout, overwork, anger, irritability, poor connection, and strained relationships
  • Modern life can feel like a trap that you can’t get out of due to so many obligations
  • How you can work with plant medicine to change how you deal with stress, and change your life circumstances on the way
  • Stress is pressure that puts you out of balance, creates tension, and starts ringing the alarm bells to get your attention that something needs to change
  • Getting sick = now you’re paying attention, by the time it reaches the physical body, you’ve ignored the signs for a long time
  • Opening yourself to a new way of understanding how illness is created and manifested, from the consciousness to the body
  • The collective is burned out and stressed out, we are literally burning out the planet
  • Whatever is going on with us internally and individually is what is showing up in our institutions
  • The calling of the plants and psychedelics is to taking responsibility individually so that we can heal ourselves and the whole
  • Negative stress vs. positive stress
  • You have the power to create a positive story from stress that fortifies your vibration and enhances your well being
  • With stress, you are telling yourself a story – I don’t have what I need…
  • The stress is not the problem, how you deal with it is the problem
  • People want plant medicine to solve the problem, and the plants show you that you are doing it to yourself
  • How to recharge your batteries
  • Investing in yourself – time, energy, and money
  • Unplugging the stereo of your stress and going to a retreat, then coming home and plugging it right back in
  • Why it’s cool to be high maintenance and have a spiritual practice
  • How much medicine is too much?
  • Why integration is the only way to make changes stick, no matter how much medicine you use
  • Using medicine to break through to another level, sharpen the tool, and hold space for yourself inside your process
  • A healthy foundation means a healthy physical body, with good habits and prioritizing yourself, your sleep, your health, and your wellness
  • Health and wellness is a lifestyle, too blessed to be stressed is a lifestyle
  • You have the power to decide and choose to change your story , to change your mind, your perspective, your consciousness
  • Doing whatever it takes to change your channel to a feel good channel that supports you 

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