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We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jonathan Schecter at Blue Magic Alchemy to record an episode of his awesome podcast, The Vital Point. Jonathan and I have become friends through our work inside a yearlong group business mastermind. I have really enjoyed getting to know him and his philosophy as a breathwork and integration coach. Jonathan works with men to help them create clarity and real change in their inner work so that they can step into their power and purpose. 
We had a wonderful conversation with Jonathan about psychedelic integration in partnership, something we’ve never really discussed on our own show before. This conversation actually ended up being a powerful catalyst for John and I to make a big shift out of a professional relationship and put more focus on our romance instead. (This is why you have seen less of him around the podcast!) Tune into this great episode and learn more about what it’s been like for us as a couple on the  psychedelic medicine path both personally and professionally.

In episode 46 of The Vital Point, Sinclair, John, and Jonathan Schecter discuss …

  • How Sinclair & John met
  • One of the core values of their relationship- a commitment to their individual and collective growth
  • The strengths of having polarity in a relationship, and how differences strengthen a relationship
  • How a romantic partnership can become a medicine container – with it’s own lessons and potential for development
  • The benefit of flipping “You vs Me” into “Us vs The Problem”
  • Being responsible for your own needs, healthy boundaries and communication instead of giving our power away
  • The reality vs the fantasy of a healthy relationship
  • What their integration practices look like right now
  • The meaning of integration
  • How to make your entire life into a ceremony and embrace the medicine in each moment
  • The impact that integrating inner work has had on their lives 

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Instagram: @bluemagicalchemy

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