Who is the wounded healer? Do you identify as an empath or wounded healer or know someone who does? This week on The Psychedelic Integration Podcast, we’re exploring the concept of The Wounded Healer, and all the nuances of what it can look like when you’re called to be in service to others as someone who has overcome your own trauma or wounding.

Wounded healers are often drawn to professions of guidance such as coaching, teaching, therapy, facilitation, yoga, energy and body work, and other healing careers where they provide integral support services to others. 

Crossing the Healing Bridge

The journey of healing can feel like moving from one place to another, with healing and growth processes as the bridge. In this episode, we share our personal stories of how lonely it can feel on the bridge, how and when to ask for help, and discuss bringing humor to the entire situation, especially when it’s feeling dire and you’re on a rickety ass bridge.

We discuss the shadow side and the light side of The Wounded Healer, how overcoming and healing yourself creates an empowered spiritual warrior that can help teach others how to self heal, and what can go wrong when we get stuck in the shadow side of trying to help and love people.

This is a great episode for empaths, people in healing professions, and those who find themselves taking care of everyone around them, often at their own detriment. The most important thing to remember is to care for yourself first so you have the energy and capacity to give freely of your time, talent, and self. 


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